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God bless and many thanks to these brave people. Our guardian angels.

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This is a great article. Thank you for it. It’s not only a resource but it’s like a yearbook—something to look back on when courage flags! And I love your invoking of god. No matter what god you pray to, it seems to me there is a spirit of love and change afoot in the world. Maybe it happens whenever an empire needs to be brought to its knees, but whatever it is, it loves us and will not let us destroy ourselves and the world with all its species. And these folks are some of its spokespersons. Thank you for your work.

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Wow! What a tribute. Thank YOU, Foxy, for standing up.

I have relied on you, Jeff Childers’ C&C, and others you paid tribute to whenever I felt overwhelmed and like a voice in the wilderness as so many family and friends were jabbed, have become sick, and some even dying.

I promise to become a paid subscriber as soon as a few more debts are paid down; in the meantime, I’m so grateful for your free content. It is always -always- great content. Thank you!

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Love this post! Thank you Vigilant Fox!

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Great job on the list. Very inspiring how they spoke up when they did. One name I didn't see was Aaron Siri who won numerous legal battles for the good guys.

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🤗THANK YOU! Wonderful article and resource!

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Thank you Fox! You have help me to get my work amplified as well!



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It’s nice to be amongst the few that would have hidden Anne Frank. Shame on the rest of the world…..,,

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500K. Impressive! Thank you for your articles. Always very interesting and well written.

Back in Mar 2020, the first person I found when I Googled "consequences of lockdowns" was Dr. David Katz, then Prof. Ioannidis, then Pam Popper, Prof. Michael Levitt, Peggy Hall, Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Buttar (RIP), and more and more. And Zev, of course. Man, I miss Zev!

If it wasn't for all the these people, I think I would have gone mad. Thanks to all the freedom fighters!

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Thank you for fighting for the voiceless and powerless.

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As a fellow Substack author, I'm curious how many of your Twitter followers might have become Substack subscribers? I've never figured out how to grow followers on Twitter and my few tweets never get any reads. It seems to me though that many Substackers get a big boost or head-start by converting their social media followers into Substack subscribers.

That hasn't happened for me. I did have about 1,600 followers on Facebook but I kept getting banned and, although I technically now have an account again, all my posts get zero likes - so I'm pretty sure the algorithms are doing a number on me (making sure I get no numbers).

This said .... However you can reach "more fish" in the pond - the better!

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Reminds me to keep praying for Mike McMahon’s RollCall4Freedom (non profit for LosAngeles County Police & others who refused, were then terminated). Your post just re-wrote (as in Re-routed) my morning 👏🙏🏼👏...💫.

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Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

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Fox, you had me in tears thinking of all of you warriors that carried us through. Thank YOU for your voice too and congratulations on reaching so many! 💕🇺🇸

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This post made me smile and smile and smile. Thank you. You are writing our history.

Speaking of early medical freedom protestors, here is my favorite:

12 year old student speaks about medical freedom at rally in NYC

911 jeddi, August 31, 2021



CHRIS:* Hi, I'm here with Violet. She was one of the speakers at today's medical freedom rally and she was scheduled to start at a private school in Manhattan but they were requiring that all the students wear masks and get tested and she was very much against it. She gave a great speech today. So Violet, just have a few words to say about how you feel about the mask mandate and all that other stuff?

VIOLET: I feel like it's not right that the schools are forcing the kids, you know, to wear a mask, to take tests and to make the vaccines, you know, it's just not right to the people. And it's, and it's the right of bodily autonomy, the right to own your own body. And like, nobody can tell you what to do with your own body. I don't have to wear the mask, you know? I don't have to take the vaccine. I don't have to get the testing.

CHRIS: I agree with you.

VIOLET: It's my body, you know? And I should be able to go to the school without having to wear a mask and it's a shame that I don't, it's a shame that I can't go.

CHRIS: So you're not going to school. You got to make other arrangements, that's [inaudible]

VIOLET: I'm thinking about homeschooling. I don't know what we're going to do right now, you know?

CHRIS: I like that idea, the homeschooling idea I think is a great thing. Can I ask you what are your, I'm sure you've had conversations with your friends? What do, how do they feel about this?

VIOLET: Oh no no no no no. I've lost all my friends, you know.

CHRIS: Oh really?

VIOLET: Yeah. There's this girl downstairs, you know, like two flights down. You know, and the thing is that every time she comes up, she wears a mask to my place and the mother's like, she can't come up without a mask until she gets her second dose of vaccine. You know what kind of child abuse that is?

CHRIS: It is child abuse, I agree. I think putting a mask on and decreasing your oxygen is, is child abuse in my opinion. You know, I'm not a doctor but I just don't think it's right that anybody should be cutting off their oxygen supply. And do you have any friends who are, like, with you in this fight—


CHRIS: Like, anybody? You're on your own.

VIOLET: Yeah I'm on my own.

CHRIS: You're a one girl army!


CHRIS: Well good for you, I have a lot of respect for that that you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, and I know that your mom is on your side and and you know that's a great thing. So you've got nobody to support you in terms of like kids of your age, huh?

VIOLET: No, but I'm so grateful to have my mother who thinks like this way, you know?And so grateful that you know, we are able to [inaudible] this together and just so happy that, yeah, you think this way, you know, and that you have this point of view, and that we're not not blindsided.

CHRIS: And you've got a lot of people here, if I'll just move the camera you can see the rally. All those people are here with you, too.


CHRIS: We're all supporting you and we agree with you 100 percent. So just want to say, Violet, love what you're doing. Keep up the fight because there's nothing more important than your freedom, right? So just keep up the fight, keep doing what you're doing. Thank you very much for all you do.



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The person filming this does not identify himself in this video, however, in another on this same channel he identifies himself as Chris. See "NY State senator John Liu doesn’t care about thousands of NYC teachers who lost their jobs"


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