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modRNA: Why It Matters and Other Essays (404) - Tom Renz


We’ve fought for three years to preserve our bodily autonomy from dangerous, experimental gene therapies. Now, we’re under attack again.

For many, the mention of mRNA immediately conjures thoughts of COVID-19 vaccines. But what if I told you that this technology has stealthily infiltrated our food supply? And not just any food – even those labeled “organic.” This startling revelation and more are detailed in Tom Renz’s new book, ModRNA: Why It Matters and Other Essays.

Attorney Renz’s offering is a powerful tool that can be read in about 15 to 20 minutes, and it’s designed with the layman reader in mind. Loaded with citations, it provides the ammunition needed to challenge and question the unchecked and undisclosed spread of mRNA technology in the food supply.

You might be wondering, why should I be concerned about mRNA in food? The answer is simple and terrifying: mod RNA, as detailed in Renz’s book, is now being used in pigs and is approved for such use in the United States. It’s also being introduced into vegetables and other animals. Alarmingly, it is not just passive; it’s transmissible and ingestible, meaning it can potentially affect you upon consumption. Perhaps even more concerning, there exists a loophole in federal law allowing foods modified by these gene therapies to be labeled as “organic,” — making it even more difficult to discern which food is safe and which is not.

As such, it’s imperative to stay informed on this issue, and Attorney Renz’s book makes it easy. And if you want to take things a step further, send a copy to your local representative and implore that they read it.

Tom Renz says, “If we can pass one bill in one state that actually requires informed consent and disclosure, it’ll shut down them poisoning the food supply nationally. We only need one bill in one state because what’s true in one state is true in every state. So, we can actually get this poison out of our food supply.”

So please get informed, read Tom Renz’s book, and do what it takes to ensure this poison gets out of our food.

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