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Over Half a Million Americans Dead from the Jab? Nobody Wants to Debate Steve Kirsch About This

"Instead of killing one person per million, you're killing somewhere in the order of 1000 people per million."

It’s hard to pinpoint how much damage has occurred from the vaccine program, as the regulatory agencies have failed the public, hid data, and left us with garbage science.

But during an interview with Greg Hunter, Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, gives us an idea of how deadly these so-called vaccines really are.

Greg asks, “What about these vaccines? Are they dangerous? Are they willfully hurtful? Is this is this part of a genocide?”

Steve responds:

“Yeah, the vaccines are super dangerous. These vaccines are 1000 times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine, and the smallpox vaccine was deemed to be too dangerous to give to people. This is something that’s 1000 times more dangerous in terms of the mortality rate.

So you’re killing 1000 times more people. Instead of killing one person per million, you’re killing somewhere in the order of 1000 people per million. And now, I may be off by a factor of two on that. But it’s somewhere on the order of half a million Americans have been killed by this vaccine.”


Now, how did Steve get that number? This is not his only way, but he used data from anaphylaxis reports to estimate the underreporting factor of the VAERS system.

“When you contact the CDC, and you say, ‘Well, what’s the underreporting factor?’ [A Harvard study concluded that it’s about 100, but] by our calculations, our estimates, based on the anaphylaxis reporting rates versus the true anaphylaxis reporting rates, VAERS, for serious injuries, is underreported by at least — at least a factor of 41. Now, the actual factor may be more than that, but when you have an a factor of 41, and you look at the 12,000 Plus deaths in the VAERS system, you’re looking at over half a million deaths.”

Now, Steve is a little behind the latest numbers. It’s actually up to 13,705 deaths as of July 15, 2022. So let’s do a little calculation.

13,705 x 41 (underreporting factor) = an estimated 561,905 deaths from the COVID jab.

Truly appalling. But is this really accurate? Unfortunately, the insurance numbers seem to suggest so.


But if one can take a positive out of all of this is that they won’t possibly be able to hide this forever.

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To hear more from Steve Kirsch, follow the link below to watch the entirety of this interview.

COVID Vaccine Lies Decimated Trust in the System: Steve Kirsch [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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