Tyranny and murder in the first degree in my opinion Never again must this be allowed to happen Bill Melinda Gates Foundation should also be prosecuted

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Thank you for keeping this front and center. The Wuhan Fakedemicists want us all to forget their horrific totalitarian abuses. These horrible pricks lied, lied and lied some more and now they want us to think it was somehow "worth it." Fauci and Birx and thousands of others should be doing hard time breaking rocks on a chain gang at noon in the Florida heat. I'd be happy to sit astride a horse under the shade of a tree, supervising their rock breaking production.

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There should also be NO financial incentives to push certain drugs.

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May 25·edited May 25

There should be NO financial incentives for ANY phase of healthcare, EVER. And when THE RICH have to pay to keep everyone healthy, w/out being able to profit from gov't expenditure, they will quickly figure out what works well to keep ppl healthy, because that's the cheapest.

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Q. What do you do to those who conducted crimes against humanity? A. Conduct Nuremburg 2.0. Now you can't jail the rank and file evildoer (there numbers are to large but people should know who they are), but you can prosecute the main culprits (and we already know who they are). Pax

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GO TOM RENZ you good man. Amazing presentation. Keep up your good work and keep shining a bright light on the corrupt Big Pharma and so called philanthropic organisations like the GATES FOUNDATION. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING MAN. SHOULD BE JAILED.

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Everyone MUST RESIST whatever the next so-called "pandemic" brings our way. Don't ever forget the lies they told us all, all in the name of "health and safety" (gee, where have we heard that before, Nazi Germany anyone?) Resist any and all ridiculousness they push on us. The more people that refuse to go along, the harder we push against them, the better for the entire world. Believe that. Know that God is on our side, not on the side of the evildoers who are perpetrating this fraud on the globe.

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Knowing that there are NO pathogenic viruses should make it easier. We only get sick from malnutrition, parasites, and/or toxins; & EMFS ARE TOXINS.

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A pathogen is a type of parasite. You contradict yourself to try and promote a made up narrative that has been sold to you to confuse, scare and divide people from their peers.

Just have a quick look at the list on wikipedia (the site has failings but it lists sources) to see if all of the listed pathogen caused diseases are imaginary. Especially interesting are the fact that various families of pathogens may cause different diseases but can be cured with suitable medication even though they are not the same pathogen.

You show your ignorance by suggesting that the hundreds of researchers, thousands of healtcare workers and millions of sufferers are hallucinating about the characteristics of pathogens. It is wise to question everything but more important is to require strong evidence for claims that refute hundred+ years of collected knowledge about pathogens, the diseases they cause and the treatments for those diseases.

Either you are hard to convince about your own health or you have been blessed not to have suffered acutely any pathogen caused disease. I hope you learn about them before you do get a bug and be prepared to look for appropriate treatment.

You are quite right that many diseases hae no medicine and many others can be avoided by healthy living, however we sometimes have times where stress or outside conditions cam compromise our immune function and our terrain becomes a fertile breeding ground for some pathogen that is not good for use.

PS. Remember that we have more pathogens in our digestive tract than we have human cells in our body. In good health the mix of gut bacteria are beneficial ones that help us in many ways, some can harm us in complex or specific ways and it is good to keep them in good health.

Please try to get up to speed with health and illness so that you do not rob the pharma resistance movement of energy. If you are a troll doing this on purpose knowing it is false then I pity the karma you are creating, it is hard to pay it off.


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Nice try, troll.

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In the olden days, when men were less civilized, a hanging, a burning at the stake or execution by firing squad would have been the prescribed methods to deal with these murdering tyrants. But today we are much more civilized since we allow the monsters of medicine, government and wealth to murder us freely and without consequences. What magnificent progress!

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When is Fauci going to be prosecuted?

Isn’t mass murder a felony?

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Sure, throw all the "public facing individuals" involved into a cell with no lights and windows and throw away the key.

However, everyone still is not asking the really hard questions and pursuing the equally hard answers. For example, why was the PREP Act put forth and passed in late 2005? Why was GOF/DURC SARS research being conducted at same time? Why did we need such an unconstitutional and over reaching "immunity" Act for a "one-in-a-hundred-year pandemic"?

Fauci, Daszak, Collins, Baric, etc. are all just the workhorses. There will be other such horses after they're all 6 feet under as there has (always) been similar horses in the past. Go after the trainers and the stable owners. Then real change will occur.

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Here's a radical idea...How about we ALL simply ignore "the threat of future pandemics"!

For those of you who may have missed this report; this is billy boy's "grants". There are over 35,000, globally! Do people have any idea of how much power and influence that buys? You can even search the city in which you live. This evil scum "funds" everything; from hospitals, to Big Pharma, to Big Agra, to medical centers, to educational centers - and everything in between!


P.S. He's currently heavily invested in geoengineering/weather modification!

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...AND telecom. So he needs to modify the "weather" to cover up the damage from pumping all those satellites into the magnetosphere.

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Every time those evil minions come up with a solution; to a problem that "they" created - they only make the situation worse.

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...and more profitable to themselves.

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All five elements of our First Amendment were violated by the Covid scam thus:

Speech ~ ongoing censoring

Press ~ Compromised

Assembly ~ Social distancing

Religion ~ Restricted

Grievance ~ Congress Epsteined

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Love Tom Renz, thanks VF.


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An absolute disgrace that Faucci and his thugs are not behind bars…he was the person Trump relied upon because he was the so-called expert from the CDC….as we have found out they all lied and deceived the WORLD not just the USA…the worst prison in the world is where they must be.

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Let me get this straight... he is right on all of this... but...

People didn't die because Fauci Lied.

People were killed deliberately and Fauci lied because he is part of the Demons club who want a Global Genocide.

The Demons Club consisting of Bill Gates Elon Musk Jeff Bezos Peter Thiel Sergej Brin Mark Zuckerberg Sam Altman Ray Kurzeil Yuval Harari and more... a stirring Committee that lead the world into a dystopia of Globalist Fascism while at the same time cover up their Tracks and portraying themselves as Gods over the gullible.

Project Omega


Genetically Targeted Biological Warfare


The AI war


It is all part of the same plan interconnected and internally connected...

Politics is now a corrupt Dictatorship as they cover their arses because they are exposed.

Stop this Armageddon Train and Lock up all politicians as a Start!!!


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The United States of America happens when a quorum of the several states meets in a Congress Assembled. A re-Constitution or Original jurisdiction occurs when there is no de facto in appearance. It is all de jure. The best way out is straight ahead. Knowing what came preceedent as juxtaposed to post or amended, is quite handy. Precedent also.

Now, is a good time to think about the Electoral College. It elects our Chief Executive. That would be the President of the Congress Assembled of the Confederation and perpetual Union that combines the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America 1776. So, we know the critical 14 that must move forward to achieve 20 for a quorum. And it does it with unelected people, unfettered from the several states. That number is 33, a quorum that also includes South Carolina re-Constitutes a de jure government.

The United States of America is dated 1777; the USMC is dated 1775. Oregon the state is dated 1859 and is number 33 with full faith and credit among the several states and territories. Oregon has re-constituted; completed in November 2022. Now, we know 15 states. Any additional 5. The United States of the Constitution 1859, was usurped by the Lieber Code. It is no longer a 10 mile square. That is U.S. Army, Blue Coats, Federal, un-Constitutional as in no standing Army. It should be militia. The Electoral College makes the Next Commander and Chief of the United States the de jure provisional government. Provenance, Pedigree, Protocol, de jure, do you have your bona fides in order? We will have a proper oath to the proper Constitutions with the Laws of nature and Nature’s God included. This year, 2024.

We have a de jure, up and running Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction operating in our Amendment VII Civilian common law Court of record, whose jury verdict in common law has no appeal in fact. In cases of over $20.00 there is no judge involved. We have a Jury pool of several hundred men and women and have Presentments and True Bills from eight (8) Grand Juries. We have verdicts from seven (7) Trial Juries of Article III Amendment VII courts. We implemented ex parte Milligan and nullified martial law / Lieber code / FEMA. We offer this with full faith and credit. This is a de jure remedy signed, sealed, stamped, witnessed, proof of service, published at www.orsja.org

Assemblies and Jural Assemblies and Grand Juries abound and have been cycling around for a long time. Currently the option that is functioning is Article I Section 1 the social compact of our Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly aka the provisional government on Oregon. The paperwork to re Constitute a provisional government on a state, commonwealth or territory takes 30 days, 15 hours work, 100 bucks for postage, 40 bucks for a seal, done by 5 people with their bona fides in order. You will need a Jury pool of men and women large enough to respond and appear when called. Tonja called our 1st Grand Jury when we had a jury pool of 45. Now we are several hundred. www.orsja.org.

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Will Fauci ever be held accountable and be punished? Probably not. . . .

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