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Piercing the Veil of Liability: "When Fraud Is Established, 100% of the Liability Flows Back to Them"

"That is an existential threat that takes a company like Pfizer or Moderna out of existence."

In a ground-breaking interview with Greg Hunter, Dr. David Martin details the most probable path to get to the heart of Pfizer and Moderna.

"One of the convenient things about the 1986 Act, and one of the convenient things about the prep Act, is the immunity shield from liability actually is only as good as the absence of fraud because if there was fraud in the promulgation of the events leading to an emergency use authorization, then all of the immunity shield gets wiped out ... The great thing about this is when that fraud is established, 100% of the liability flows back to them."

But it seems like these companies were aware of this vulnerability and conducted business with another layer of protection in the case that this falls back to them.

"The reason I think that we had Operation Warp Speed run through a company called ATI [Advanced Technology International] ... It's the prime contractor that the United States government engaged for the development and the distribution of these injections. I think the reason why we use the covert corporation ATI is because, as we've seen, time and time and time and time again ... what they'll do is they'll actually blame the financial loss on a company they intend to bankrupt, and I fully anticipate that ATI will be the named defendant. All of the other companies will say, 'Hey, we weren't the prime contractors. ATI was the prime contractor. We were just suppliers to them.' And they will try to use the cunning Department of Defense legal opinion and the Department of Justice legal opinion during the Trump administration — they'll try to use those legal opinions to say that Pfizer and Moderna and J&J and others are not liable."

But there's a tiny little problem with their game plan.

"When a fraud was the basis for a fraud, then we actually have a number of other legal remedies that allow you to pierce that veil. So, in the end, there's no question there is going to be a plaintiff's lawyers, feed trough feeding frenzy of sharks that are going to be more than happy to go after Pfizer and Moderna, and it's quite evident based on the current mortality and morbidity data, that given the fact that when it comes to biological weapons and bioterror, each count comes with a $100 million penalty. That's what the federal statute gives us the penalty for corporate domestic terrorism. When you have per count $100 million a pop [in] liabilities, that is an existential threat that takes a company like Pfizer or Moderna out of existence."

To see the rest of this must-see interview, follow the link below.

700 Million Dead from the Shot by 2028? Dr. David Martin [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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