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Praise God for the Control Group - The Canadian Data Is Alarming - Pandemic of the Vaccinated

“This is the clearest evidence that the more shots you have, the more likely you will die of COVID.”

How many times have you heard that “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”? Thanks to dissenting doctors and noncompliance from large swaths of the population, that narrative has ultimately crumbled. But the emerging discovery breaking through is that the opposite of what health officials declared is showing to be true.

So, just how damning is the data on these shots?

That’s where we’ll turn to Canadian doctor Charles Hoffe, who recently spoke to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson in a video interview.

So in June, approximately 85% of the population of Canada had had at least two shots, but 92% of all COVID deaths were in the fully vaccinated — 92%. So this is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

And what was more alarming was that the people that had had one or two boosters, in other words, three or four shots, made up 81% of all the COVID deaths in the month of June, even though those people were only 34% of the population.

So this is the clearest evidence that the more shots you have, the more likely you will die of COVID.

Ok, let’s pause.

That sounds really bad. We’ll plug in some numbers and see what we get. So, according to what Dr. Charles Hoffe is telling us, the triple and quadruple-jabbed are 138% MORE LIKELY to die of COVID than those with two shots or less.

These are severely damaging the immune system. And so this discrimination against those who have chosen to be Vax-free is absolutely absurd because those are going to be the people who will survive this.

And so, in every experiment, you need a control group — you need a treatment group and a control group. And PRAISE GOD for those 15% of the people of Canada who are in the control group of this experiment.

“It’s absolutely shocking,” responded Laura-Lynn.

It’s [medical discrimination and COVID policies are] not based on the data. It’s actually becoming a pandemic of the vaccinated. This is shocking! This is horrendous! We need to be crying out from the rooftops.

“Yes,” replied Hoffe.

And the fact that the media continue to deceive people and continue to spread this narrative that you can somehow keep other people safe — that this is your duty to society to get vaxxed is absolutely absurd because the health care system is collapsing.

Thanks, Dr. Hoffe, for sharing the data and fighting for truth and integrity.

I discovered this video excerpt from Laura-Lynn’s Twitter account; surprisingly, it hasn’t been taken down yet. If you still have an account and want to red pill a few people, consider clicking the image and giving it a retweet.

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And for those who want to see the full interview, you can do so by clicking the link below.

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‘The Healthcare System Is Collapsing’: Dr. Charles Hoffe [VIDEO]

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