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Professor Exposes the Big Lie About Cancer


Cancer is “all a big money game, and it’s dollars first, patient outcome second.”

—Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Professor of Biology

“The current idea that cancer is a genetic disease is based on ideology—not on the science.”

“Our American society… doesn’t care about prevention because if they did, there would be no obesity epidemic. But there is. So that tells us the society doesn’t really care about cancer prevention.”

In Seyfried’s book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, he argues we should hit cancer where it hurts most by messing with its fuel supply, like using ketogenic diets to cut off the energy that cancer cells need.

It’s a way of thinking about the disease that poses bad news to the profits of the cancer treatment industry.

The above clip is from Grace Price’s Cancer: A Food-Borne Illness.

Click here to watch the full documentary.


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