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'Propaganda Exposed': Releasing Wednesday, November 1st


The media co-conspired in the greatest in the greatest global crimes committed against humanity. Everyone knew it at the time. We just couldn't prove it.

Now, the lies are clear as day. Here's a quick recap of what they got wrong over the last three years:

• COVID came from natural origins

• Two weeks to "flatten the curve"

• There is no effective early treatment for COVID-19

• Vaccinated individuals don't spread the virus and don't get sick

• Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are ineffective and dangerous

• Vaccinated immunity is better than natural immunity

• Booster shots are a "conspiracy theory"

• You need (insert percentage) of people vaccinated to achieve herd immunity

• Masks work — and there are no downsides to using them

• The COVID shots are "safe and effective"

A new docuseries, Propaganda Exposed, is unveiling the truth about the media for all to see.

TTAVOfficial will be releasing this docu-series for free on Wednesday, November 1st. Sign up before November 1st to get free access to Propaganda Exposed.

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The 9-part docuseries starts November 1st. Click the image below to learn more.

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