Retired Army Colonel Issues Chilling Statement


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“The donors own the political figure.”

When Tucker Carlson asked if Congress would be stupid enough to pass a law granting citizenship to illegal aliens who enlist in the military, Douglas Macgregor answered, “YES.”

“The problem is Washington is donor-occupied. Donor occupied. The donors own the political figure. So what do the donors want?

“You’ve heard the expression donors win elections, not voters. Well, if the voter isn’t winning the election and the donor is winning it. Are these policies not a function of the people delivering huge quantities of cash to the to the Hill, whether they’re part of the pharmaceutical industry, a foreign lobby or a defense lobby or something else?

“So, who are the people in Washington responding to? They’re not responding to me. I don’t think they’re responding to you. And I don’t think most Americans feel that they’re responsive at all. So the problem is not do we have Americans who care? Of course, we do. We have millions of them. We’re not alone. But we’re not in power, Tucker. That’s the problem.”

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