RFK Jr. Exposes Big Pharma’s Control Over the TV News


There are only two countries that allow pharma ads on TV: one is the United States, and the other is New Zealand.

“75% of the advertising revenues in the nightly news come from pharmaceutical companies,” reported Kennedy.

Kennedy produced a documentary about vaccines and presented it to Fox News. Then Fox News executive Roger Ailes told Kennedy, “This is like a red line for us.” “If one of my hosts, like Cavuto or Sean, allowed you on to talk about this issue, I would have to fire them.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper did an exclusive segment with Kennedy about Simpsonwood, a secret meeting where the CDC tried to figure out how to cover up the signal caused by thimerosal in vaccines. Corporate offices “killed that story.” Tapper told Kennedy, “It’s the first time corporate has ever interfered with my journalism, and I’m outraged.”

“Anderson Cooper is getting a $13-million-a-year salary. But if you actually look at the revenues, probably 70 or 80% of that is coming from Pfizer,” commented Kennedy.

“So, who is he really working for? Is he working for the public interest? I don’t think so. And it’s not that Pfizer is writing his scripts and dictating stuff, but he knows where the boundaries are of what he can and cannot say.”

This interview was censored and taken down by YouTube, but you can still watch it here:

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