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RFK Jr: “For 18 Years, Nobody Will Debate Me”


RFK Jr. has asked Peter Hotez to debate him “many, many times,” and the only time it ever happened was on the telephone.

“And his [Hotez’s] science is just made up,” expressed Bobby Kennedy Jr. “He cannot stand by it. He can’t cite studies.”

Now, after being offered over $2.6 million, Peter Hotez still won’t publicly debate Kennedy. Why?

“The fact that no one will debate you speaks volumes,” commented Joe Rogan.

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Here’s the full transcript for those who want to read more:

ROGAN: All these controversial opinions that you have. Have you had anyone debate you publicly about any of these?

KENNEDY: Nobody will debate me. For 18 years, nobody will debate me. In fact, I've scheduled many, many debates, and I've asked [Peter] Hotez many, many times to debate me. And I think you've asked him, here, why don't you debate Robert Kennedy? And he said, because he's a "cunning lawyer" or something like that. But I've debated Hotez on the telephone with — with kind of a referee. And his science is just made up. He cannot stand by it. He can't cite studies. Well, he was trying to tell me that vaccines don't cause autism. I said — His daughter has autism, and he wrote a book. [He claims], my daughter didn't get her autism from a vaccine. But I've read that book, and there is no science cited in that book. It's just him saying it didn't happen.

ROGAN: I asked him what [causes autism], and he said, there's environmental factors they're aware of. I go, what are those? And he couldn't cite them. How can you be so sure to say, this definitely doesn't, but you're telling me there's a bunch of environmental factors that do cause it, and we're aware of those factors, but not aware of them, and you're an expert in this? Yeah. How is that possible? He's a health expert. That's the big question. That anybody that says it's not the vaccines, I'm like, okay, fine. But they don't want — if you say it's not the vaccines, people go, *gasp* Good. That's what I wanted to hear. That's what I want to hear. When you say it is the vaccines, people go, oh my God, I don't want to hear that. They don't want to hear it. And they get angry. They get angry at you, and they go, oh, tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. But the fact that no one will debate you speaks volumes. Especially now. They can't say now that you're not popular. And what's crazy is that Biden now has decided he's not even going to debate anybody in the primary.


The full interview with Joe Rogan and Robert Kennnedy Jr. is available on Spotify:

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