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RFK Jr.’s VP Pick Calls for Chronic Disease Investigation


Today, Robert Kennedy Jr. announced entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his VP running mate.

She said, “Conditions like autism used to be one in 10,000. Now, here in the state of California, it is one in 22.”

Three things are causing the chronic disease epidemic, Shanahan declared:

1.) “One is the toxic substances in our environment, like endocrine, disrupting chemicals in our food, water, and soil.”

2.) “Second is electromagnetic pollution. You don’t hear politicians talking much about that either.”

3.) The third cause is the cumulative impact of medications and vaccinations received throughout childhood, for which comprehensive safety studies assessing long-term effects are currently lacking.

• “No single safety study can assess the cumulative impact of one prescription on top of another ... We just don’t do that study right now, and we ought to.”

Click here to watch the full stream.

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