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Robert Kennedy Jr. Is a Substack Reader!

He also calls network television fake news.

"We're living in a weird period of history," expressed Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy is a complex figure who defies easy categorization. Hailing from one of America's most prominent political families, RFK Jr. has taken up the mantle of activism and public service, but often in ways that break with the mainstream views of either major party. He's been a staunch environmental advocate, even as he's faced controversy for his stance on topics like vaccinations. Notably, he has called for an end to the "toxic polarization" dividing America, and his campaign has garnered support from unexpected corners, including Republican donors and key allies of Donald Trump.

Despite this, he maintains that he's a true Democrat, aiming to bring the party back to its roots of representing the middle class and opposing war. Kennedy emphasizes the importance of focusing on shared values rather than divisive issues, and his approach seems to resonate with many who are tired of the current state of American politics. To further discuss this, the Ukraine War, abortion, and more, Kennedy joined NBC News Correspondent Ali Vitali in a heated interview:

Vitali asked Kennedy, “How do you stay informed? What are your news sources? … How are you taking in information? Listen to how Kennedy responded:

I'm eclectic in my news sources, I look at everything. I read continuously. And I try to read everybody. I look at the left; I look at the right. I do not believe anything that I see on network television at this point because I think it's all distorted by agendas. In science, I read the scientific journals, and I read a lot of more obscure sites. I spend a lot of time on Substack with people who are subject matter experts. And I've developed trust in a lot of those people.

You know, I think that's what everybody has to do to live in our democracy right now. You have to maintain a constant posture of skepticism towards news sources because we don't have Walter Cronkite anymore. CNN and MSNBC are pushing the agenda to the left. Fox News is pushing the agenda to the right. And they're not really doing what Walter Cronkite used to do, who was the most trusted man in the world.

Well, there you have it. Kennedy spends “a lot of time” on Substack! And it sounds like he’s found a handful of writers with a track record who he trusts.

Who are your go-to Substack authors? Please give them a shout-out in the comments below.


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