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Silent Health Crisis Rips Through Australia: Nationwide Excess Mortality - 18%

“And it doesn’t look like it’s leveling off.”

“Something is going on in Australia that needs to be explained,” asserted former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd. “18% excess mortality is a disaster.” But “We have crickets over there in their national media.” So Ed joined Del Bigtree on The Highwire Thursday (12/15/2022) to report his findings. He’s not sure how to tell the entire story, but “the data is the data.”

Here’s the First Chart

Excess Deaths, 2020-2022 (All Age Groups)

So in 2020, Australia had about -2% excess mortality. In 2021, it rose to +4%, and in 2022, it soared all the way up to +18%.

“Let’s ask this question,” proposed Ed Dowd.

“We have supposed-miracle vaccines, and the virus is now less virulent, correct?” Ed continues, “So Omicron is a little more than a cold with some complications. But unfortunately, I think if you’re vaccinated, there’s lots of complications. And we know all the other health problems that are associated with the vaccination. So what’s going on in Australia — it’s very curious. At the very least, I don’t hear Australian health authorities talking about 18% excess mortality. And it’s across all age groups.”

You can see that information in the chart below.

Excess Deaths, 2020-2022 (Broken Down By Age Group).

Blue is 2020, black is 2021, and green is the eye-opening 2022 data. And as you can see, it’s primarily affecting those 75 and up. The 75-84 demographic is suffering from 23.5% excess mortality and 21.3% for the 85+ age group.

Now, why is it taking off in 2022?

Ed doesn’t pretend to know the answer. “I don’t know what went on in Australia; I’m focused on the US. I’m sure there’s a story that tells a little bit about why we’re seeing this and why the elderly are being more adversely affected than the young. In Europe and the US, it’s mostly the young.”

Nevertheless, “There’s something going on in Australia that needs to be explained.”

“But again, we have crickets over there in their national media and their health authorities. But 18% excess mortality is a disaster,” emphasized Dowd. “Because an insurance executive at One America, Scott Davison, on the results of his company not blaming the vaccine, of course, said that a 10% excess mortality in young folks is a once-in-a-200-year flood, a three standard deviation. 40% is off the charts. All of Australia is at 18%. And it doesn’t look like it’s leveling off. It looks like it’s continuing to rise.”

“So Australia, we dropped the data. You guys can use it for whatever you want to do,” invited Dowd. “It’s a force multiplier. And again, the data is the data. We haven’t gotten into yet to analyze what exactly the particularities are, but excess mortalities up into the right, so that’s the story right there.”

If you’d like to do some digging into the data yourself, visit

Click on “Humanity Projects,” then the next page, scroll down, and you can play with a number of different data sets.

And if you want to go even deeper into Ed Dowd’s findings, “Cause Unknown” is now available directly from Skyhorse Publishing. The hardcover is $30, and the eBook is $10.


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