'Smoking Gun' Disability Data Reveals Alarming Health Crisis of the Employed

“If you’re wondering why there are ‘help wanted’ signs, this is it.”

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Three million more unfortunate souls are now among the U.S. disabled population than two years ago. What were 29.85 million people within this cohort in January 2021 soared to 32.87 million in December 2022.

What’s interesting is that the trend was overall heading downward in 2020. It wasn’t until 2021 that the disability numbers took a significant turn for the worse — increasing by 10%.

“The disability data is a disaster,” exclaimed former Blackrock portfolio manager Edward Dowd.

What his team has discovered, through in-depth research, is that for every one excess death, there are four disabilities — meaning the 3 million aforementioned disabilities would equate to about 750,000 excess deaths in the U.S. alone.

The following table, provided by phinancetechnologies.com, provides a summary of different statistics regarding changes in disability that occurred from February 2021 through November 2022. We’re going to be focusing on the red section.

The number it gives is an increase in disabilities of (1,460,000 + 1,677,000) 3,137,000 in people between the ages of 16-64.

“In Wall Street,” explained Edward Dowd, “we focus on signals and frequency and rate of change. That was a three-standard deviation year-over-year rate of growth change — shouldn’t have happened.”

A three-standard deviation above the mean is within the 99.7th percentile.


Edward Dowd continues, “So 3.2 million people in about two years have been disabled. When we delve into the numbers, half of those are employed, 1.7 million.” When you look at the disability rate increases between the employed and the general population, there’s a stark difference — a 31.41% increased disability rate for the employed and an 8.83% increase for the general population.

The next group, not in the labor force, “is a smoking gun, as far as I’m concerned,” asserted Ed Dowd. “Those are the people who left! Those are the people who got fired and/or quit (their jobs because of vax mandates), and their health outcomes have been the best. They’ve only had a 4% increase in the disability rate.”

“So we’ve hit a new disability rate in the U.S. We’re 10% higher than we were two years ago. It’s 3.2 million people. These are real numbers! And if you’re wondering why there are help-wanted signs, this is it,” he attested.

Edward Dowd ends by stressing the critical nature of the matter — but no one seems to want to talk about it.

“I had said to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) — I’m saying it to everyone — this is a national security issue. But yet, there’s crickets from our health authorities and global governments because this is occurring in every country. This is not just the U.S.”

If you’d like to watch the entirety of Edward Dowd’s interview with doctors Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, you can do so by following the link below:

The Epidemic of Sudden Death: FLCCC Weekly Update (January 18, 2023)


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