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'Smoking Gun': New Actuarial Report Reaffirms the Trail of Death Caused by Vaccine Mandates

The window is closing in on the death dealers.

Back in March, Edward Dowd dropped a bomb using the CDC’s own data to show an 84% increase in excess mortality among the millennial cohort, temporally related to the introduction of vaccine mandates from the summer into the fall.

“There were 61,000 excess millennial deaths. Basically, millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021.”

“This is what we call democide, death by government.”

You can watch that video here.

Fast-forwarding to 8/17, a report by the Society of Actuaries Research Institute now has confirmed Edward Dowd’s findings.

“In Q3, into the mandates, there was an alarming spike in working-age excess deaths. In the 35 to 44[-year-old cohort], it was 100% over normal for that quarter.”

Now, actuaries aren’t “the bravest people on the planet.” So they likely won’t jump to such a conclusion against the jab. But Ed believes he’s “100% right on what’s causing the excess deaths in the U.S. and across the globe.”

Bothered by the numbers, Steve Bannon sought affirmation. “Just the math in itself should shock people. Correct, Ed?”

“This should be [on the] front page of Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post. It should be on Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC. This needs to stop!

What we see here, the red, as highlighted by this society, is an event. What was that event? That event was mandates into Q3: August, September, October.

And what I showed earlier on your show several months ago was a breakdown of the millennial cohort, where I famously proclaimed that the government had committed democide through mandates. The numbers are there.

So we showed the millennial-age group saw a rate of change [of] 84% excess mortality in the third quarter of 2021. And boom, there’s the Society of Actuaries confirming my work and my partner’s work. There it is.”


The naysayers say that these excess deaths are because of long COVID, suicides, missed cancer screenings, drug overdoses, and so on.

But such presumptions do not explain the temporally-associated change.

“The problem with that, as you can see, temporarily, the rate of change in the third quarter. And you can’t say to me that simultaneously, everyone decided to commit suicide, overdose on drugs, or miss their cancer-screening treatments. It makes no sense for that age group. That’s number one. So temporarily, the rate of change is the smoking gun for that age group.

Secondarily, my hedge fund partners and I are working on some data from the UK that’s going to basically show a linkage between ages 1 through 14 of actual all-cause mortality coming down during 2020 and 2021 before that age group got vaccinated — and then mysteriously as soon as the vaccines get rolled out — the cumulative deaths start rising. And you can’t say that ages 1 through 14 are overdosing on drugs, missing their cancer-screening treatments, or committing suicide.”

Ed ends with one last stirring statement.

“So the window is closing on what I call the death merchants, the death dealers. The evidence is becoming overwhelming. I saw your show this morning, and the CDC is doing the one-two shuffle here to try to cover up what’s coming. They know what’s coming; it’s becoming undeniable.”

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