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Soros-Sponsored Media Smears Protected by a Soros-Sponsored Press Council

The corruption runs deep in South Africa.

In an interview with Dr. Simon Goddek, Nick Hudson explained how the corrupt and fraudulent South African media is captured by George Soros, who funds smear campaigns against dissident voices.

After being labeled "anti-vax" by the Daily Maverick based on false nutraceutical investment claims, Nick Hudson sued them for peddling lies.

His proof was unmistakable, catching the author, Rebecca Davis' lie on tape, but the Press Council of South Africa did nothing. The problem is this body that's supposed to keep the media honest is funded and paid for by George Soros, too.

"We actually went to the Press Council in South Africa, and they covered up, they concealed the fact that we had demonstrated that the journalist we were complaining against had lied. She had lied to the Press Council. Her name was Rebecca Davis, and she had outright lied, saying that she had never been a supporter of lockdowns and arranged for the other publications — We believe that she arranged for the other publications who had published an interview which proved us correct to be removed from their platforms.

So multiple recordings of a certain interview were simultaneously removed from multiple platforms. We kept a copy. She denied that that interview existed. When we produced the copy for the Press Council, they didn't act by censuring her. They simply deleted her allegation or her false statements from the record."

If there's ever a prime example of a "rigged system," this is clearly it.

Want to see more? Follow the link below for rest of this great interview with Dr. Simon Goddek and Nick Hudson.

Dr. Simon meets Nick Hudson #002 – Data Manipulation & Deliberate Misinterpretation

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