Spike Protein Straight to the Brain: We're Going to See a Surge of Neurodegenerative Disease

"People will get them earlier than they would have, and more people will get them than would have gotten it without these vaccines."

In an interview with The New American, Veronika Kyrylenko asked Dr. Stephanie Seneff about her paper detailing how the spike goes to the spleen and how that ultimately triggers neurodegenerative disease. "You predicted that eventually and actually in the near future, we will see a huge spike in those diseases and particularly younger people."

Seneff answered, "People will get them earlier than they would have and more people will get them than would have gotten it without these vaccines ... particularly if people keep on getting boosters."

She then continues to explain the mechanism of developing Parkinson's disease and how that same mechanism can occur from taking these vaccines.

"I immediately connected this to Parkinson's disease because Parkinson's often begins in this in the gut and with a pathogen that produces a protein that can misfold. It's called a prion-like protein. The spike protein is definitely a prion-like protein. Papers have been written that show that, and this means that it can cause these prion-like diseases, which are Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and CJD, Creutzfeldt Jakob disease. These are the really bad neurodegenerative diseases that are known to be caused by proteins that misfold."

Alarming. Seneff then describes how this mechanism in the spleen ultimately leads to spike protein going up to the brain.

"So the cell that's in the spleen that's making all this spike protein is also making alpha-synuclein, and the whole thing is a big mess. And the cell is just basically 'I got to get rid of this stuff.' So it ships it out as exosomes, it builds up these little lipid particles and spits them out into the circulation, into the environment, and where they go — one place they go very easily is to travel very nicely along nerve fibers. So they're going to go along the splanchnic nerves, they are going to hook up with the vagus nerve, they're going to go up to the brain, and then they're going to infect all the nerves in the brain."

Sadly, this is showing up in the VAERS system with numerous reports of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), issues with the eyes, Bell's Palsy (paralysis of the face), difficulty swallowing, and so on.

But that's not all... "You have issues with the vagus nerve in the heart and in the lungs as well."

"The vagus nerve goes to all those organs and the exosomes traveling along the vagus nerve delivers spike protein to all of those places, and the spike protein is toxic everywhere it goes ... So all the different cells are susceptible to damage from the spike protein that's being released from the immune cells that are stuck in the spleen making lots and lots of spike protein."

Truly troubling. One can only hope that as few people as possible continue to get jabbed, especially in the case of our children with no say.

To see the entirety of this excellent interview, follow the link below.

How mRNA Shots Set Up Long-Term Disease: Dr. Stephanie Seneff [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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