Stage 4 Cancers Taking Off Like Wildfire: "We're Going to See a Consistent Two to Threefold Increase"

"Don't get another shot because it is causing that immune suppression that's allowing those cancer mechanisms."

In an excellent one-hour interview, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Ryan Cole discussed the topic of surging cases of cancer in correlation with these COVID jabs.

Dr. Mercola relays that, for a while, cancer has been the number two cause of death in the United States and the Western world. He believes this is due to dietary changes "because prior to 1900, I think the incidence of cancer was a half to 1%, and now it's 33% [of] people dying from cancers."

But that's another discussion because these jabs seem to be accelerating the process. Mercola asks Cole, "What do you think the timeline is going to be before it [this surge in cancer] gets out of control? Is it going to stabilize or just going to get much worse??

Dr. Cole states that he's been speaking with many clinicians about what they are observing: "Many of their patients who have been cancer-free for three, four or five years, their PET scan looks great, no detectable disease. After that second or third shot, all of a sudden, they're stage four disease like wildfire."

Cole thinks the reason for this is because of immune-suppressive mechanisms and pleads that if you've had a couple of shots, please don't take another because this is a "dose-dependent poisoning."

"So the number one thing is don't get another shot because it is causing that immune suppression that's allowing those cancer mechanisms."

But what's the cancer landscape going to look like as a whole? Well, it's pretty alarming, according to Dr. Cole's assessment.

"My concern based on the patterns and statistically ... I would say we're going to see a consistent two to threefold increase in certain cancers: endometrial, breast cancers, prostate cancers, cancers that are testicular ovarian, neurologic cancers.

This spike has a propensity to cross the blood-brain barrier and invade neural tissues. We know what it does to mitochondrial activity in terms of inhibiting it, blocking it, ruining cytochrome c oxidase systems, [and] decreasing ATP. Cancer is a hypoxic state; when you don't have good cellular activity and cellular respiration and hypooxygenation, you end up with mechanisms that can induce more aggressive cancer.

So I think at a minimum of two to threefold, I think we're going to continue to see [this cancer cascade] over the next year or two."

Mercola asks, "So more than likely cancer will exceed heart disease in the relatively near future?"

Cole replies, "I think so, but at the same time, to your point of heart disease, we know that this spike causes a lot of clotting. Here's some of the post-mortem clots that are giant, jelly-like."

An astonished Mercola asks, "What's the longest one you've seen?"

"About two feet," Cole responds.

"And they're just thick, rubbery clots ... [Most are in the veins, but] I have some that are arterial as well, which is fascinating. You usually don't see a lot of arterial clots because of the pressure of the system ... so that makes me worried as well about heart disease."

To see the rest of this staggering interview, follow the link below.

The Deadly Effects of the COVID Vaccine: Dr. Ryan Cole Joins Dr. Mercola [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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