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Stop the Genocide: "We Are Going to Kill More Children By Injection Than Abortion Ever Touched" [VIDEO]

"If [they] can put it on the childhood vaccine schedule, then the liability shield is permanent."

Children fully recover from COVID at a rate of 99.997%, so why are Pharma and the government pushing this injection so hard for six-month-old babies? Well, it's actually simple. Dr. David Martin explains.

"The goal of Pharma is to try to get the coronavirus injection on to the national childhood vaccine schedule ... and the entire reason why [they] have been going after the six-month-old is because if [they] can put it on the childhood vaccine schedule, then the liability shield is permanent. And we have to make sure every elected official in America knows that that is the reason why we are going to now kill infants and children in this country."

He then stresses that pro-life advocates can't be so focused on abortion. We have alive and breathing children who are at great risk.

"Every single person who thinks that abortion is the topic we should be talking about (is focusing on the wrong topic) ... We are going to kill more children, and these are alive and breathing children; we are going to kill more children by injection than abortion ever touched."

Martin, underwhelmed by the outrage against these injections for young kids, delivers a wake-up call for every pro-life activist to get on this issue. If we don't push back hard, the consequences will be disastrous.

"Anybody who tells me they're pro-life and they're not out in front on this thing is a hypocrite. We have to be opposed to scheduling genetic modification of our children once they are alive, once they are out of the womb, and we have to be very clear on the fact that unless we do that, we are going to watch a genocide of our children, unlike anything any abortion clinic could have ever pulled off."

You can watch Dr. David Martin's full interview with Greg Hunter below.

700 Million Dead from the Shot by 2028? Dr. David Martin

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