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"Stop the Vaccines!" - We're Driving Escape Mutants; Pull Them Off the Market

Early treatment would have ended this a long time ago.

On a special episode of the Highwire, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, and Dr. Richard Urso joined Del Bigtree for a roundtable discussion in Las Vegas.

On the topic of immune imprinting or original antigenic sin, Dr. Malone explains how it is the highly-jabbed who are becoming immunosuppressed and being reinfected with Omicron, driving escape mutants.

"The vaccines, through this process of immune imprinting, the multiply-jabbed, are developing a relative immunodeficiency in both B and T responses against Omicron. It is the highly vaccinated that are getting repeatedly infected by Omicron and chronically infected by Omicron. And you as clinicians, you're seeing it, you know, that's what's happening. The data from all over the world are showing it. And by the way, these are the people, the highly vaccinated, that are infected with Omicron, particularly the latest variants, that are in the hospital and, unfortunately, are dying at a disproportionately high rate. But these are the folks that are generating the new waves of escape mutants.”

And here’s the madness: the American government, before these products have even been produced has bought $3.2 billion worth of this trivalent products with no clinical trials.

“We've [the United States Government] essentially borrowed money to pay Pfizer $3.2 billion for making a trivalent vaccine with Wuhan, BA.4 and BA.5, that we're going to deploy without any clinical trials! They haven't even made it yet. We've already bought it.”

Del Bigtree adds, “Even Paul Offit, who’s been a zealot for this product, is saying, ‘this has just gone a step too far.’”

“It’s crazy!” Dr. Malone retorts.

“I could not if I wanted to, I could not design a vaccine, more likely to drive immune imprinting and these problems, other than the one that they're specifically going to try to force us all to get vaccinated with right before the election.”

Later on in the conversation, Dr. Malone mentions how, even with the expedited process with no clinical trials, these new trivalent jabs will be outdated by the time they hit the market.

“By further vaccinating, with Wuhan one, totally outdated! Plus BA.4; already gone. BA.5: we already know from the South African data [that] it's already crashing; it's going to be gone by November more likely than not, except for in these people that are chronically infected. And then they're going to jab all of us with that will that's going to make it even harder for our immune systems to respond to whatever comes next. It is madness!”

Del Bigtree then turned to Dr. Pierre Kory, who expressed a powerful sentiment about early treatment.

“We would not be here today [if we deployed early treatment]. This would have been over a long time ago … The fearmongering would have stopped, and this relentless push for novel barely-tested toxic vaccines would not have been triggered … [and] we would not have pursued that obsessive path, that monolithic path down this vaccine pathway, for a rapidly mutating Coronavirus, a virus we've never had a successful vaccine from. It was illogical from the beginning!”


Dr. Malone jumps in for one last long-winded tirade against this road of medical malpractice we’ve been forced on the last two and a half years.

“They have boxed us in; bless their hearts (sarcasm). They soon are going to have no choice other than to turn to you guys and early treatment. The vaccines are not working. They're driving it [the COVID problem] even further, and the only solution left, in my opinion, is to deploy widespread early treatment as soon as possible to shut this down, and we got to stop the vaccine. Our group made that clear, unambiguous statement. We're done! Do not vaccinate your children! There is no sense in this, and it is time to withdraw these vaccines, in our opinion.”

Powerful stuff. To watch the entirety of this fantastic discussion, tune in the latest episode of the Highwire.

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