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Take Control of Your Health in 30 Seconds a Day: Try this $5 Detox Spray (Offer Expires Oct 22!)

Fatigue, skin problems, sleep disturbances, and weight loss struggles can all become a thing of the past with this safe and easy DETOX solution. Dr. Tenpenny explains.

Try This Heavy Metal Detox Spray to Experience a Healthier You. Vigilant News Readers Get $75 Off — Plus an Extra 20% Off With Auto-Ship

Imagine this: Your debilitating fatigue and brain fog are gone, and it has been replaced with newfound clarity and focus. Those persistent sleep problems that have plagued you for years? They’re a thing of the past, too. And to top it off, you’ve lost a little bit of weight, your skin issues have cleared up, and you sport a more youthful appearance.

How did you do it? By eliminating accumulated toxins and heavy metals in your body that you never even knew you had.

$5 Heavy Metal Detox Offer Ends Sunday, October 22.

Your Health Is Under Constant Attack

Research shows that your body is regularly exposed to over 80,000 known toxins. These insidious heavy metals and compounds infiltrate every facet of our lives, permeating our food, contaminating our water, and tainting the very air we breathe. As these malevolent agents infiltrate our bodies, they insidiously amass within our organs and body fat, instigating a relentless storm of inflammation that wreaks havoc on our brains, hearts, and overall well-being.

Potentially even more concerning, the medical establishment doesn’t seem to care. Like the COVID-19 injections, most of these substances have not undergone long-term studies to understand their potential effects on human health. But sickness fills the pockets of Big Pharma, and we are the experiment, whether we like it or not.

Try This Heavy Metal Detox Spray to Experience a Healthier You. Vigilant News Readers Get $75 Off — Plus an Extra 20% Off With Auto-Ship

What Can We Do?

“The solution is not found in our pharma-based healthcare system, but a natural solution comes from nature,” wrote Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on her website. What is that solution? Zeolite.

Dr. Tenpenny, an outspoken critic of all vaccines, not just the COVID-19 shots, spoke with political commentator Silk to break down the benefits of this product.

NOTE: “The most effective zeolite on the market,” according to Dr. Tenpenny, is Pure Body Extra from Touchstone Essentials. They have been kind enough to give Vigilant News readers their first bottle for $5 + free shipping (when signing up for auto-ship).

Vigilant News readers get their first bottle of Pure Body Extra for just $5 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Zeolite for $5

What Is Zeolite?

Zeolite “is a rare natural mineral, created through a reaction of volcanic ash and seawater. It can cleanse the body down to the cellular level.  The mineral has a negative charge and is formed in the shape of a honeycomb, so it can bind positively charged chemicals and metals, chelating (eliminating) them from the body,” Dr. Tenpenny defined in a blog.

In simpler terms, “Zeolite is like a basket that goes through your system and collects heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs),” Dr. Tenpenny explained in this clip with Silk. “These [POPs] are toxicities in your body. And it [zeolite] is a one-way net. As it [zeolite] goes through your body, it scrapes up the toxicity and holds onto it. The toxin can’t go out of it, and it can’t pass through it.” The caught toxins are then excreted out of the body by the kidneys (through urine) or via stool.

Try This Heavy Metal Detox Spray to Experience a Healthier You. Vigilant News Readers Get $75 Off — Plus an Extra 20% Off With Auto-Ship

What’s the Process?

“Just take a few sprays [under the tongue], morning, noon, and night,” advised Dr. Tenpenny. “There is no odor, no taste, and no hassle.” Dr. Tenpenny also recommends lightly rinsing out your mouth with water before taking zeolite so that you can get full contact with the mucous membranes and absorb it better.

Pure Body Extra from Touchstone Essentials

Try Zeolite for $5

Benefits of Zeolite

Silk reported to Dr. Tenpenny that she had more energy, better clarity, and an easier time getting things done. “The main thing I could say is clarity — just having that clarity and energy together is phenomenal.”

Here are the benefits of zeolite, as backed by clinical studies:

• Flushes heavy metals from the body, including toxic lead. (1)

• Protects kidney function by detoxing heavy metals. (2)

• Strengthens the immune system by removing toxins. (3)

• Protects against leaky gut by strengthening the intestinal wall. (4)

• And much more with a robust safety profile. (5)

Common issues zeolite has shown the ability to treat:

1.) Constant Fatigue

2.) Autoimmune Problems

3.) Skin Issues

4.) Difficulty Concentrating

5.) Frequent Headaches

6.) Trouble Losing Weight

7.) Sleep Problems

$5 Heavy Metal Detox Offer Ends Sunday, October 22.

It’s important to note that toxins have accumulated inside your body for years, probably decades. So, a noticeable effect may take time. But with continued use over weeks or months (four sprays under the tongue three times a day), the realized benefits often emerge.

However, some people do see immediate benefits. “We have seen case reports, and we have had people who have started on the zeolite spray, and within just a matter of days, they suddenly feel different, like they’re sleeping better,” Dr. Tenpenny mentioned. “We’ve seen children who had speech difficulties and difficulty concentrating [improve], and sometimes, within just a matter of a couple of days, people start acting differently.”

“You can’t overtake it [zeolite],” Dr. Tenpenny added. “And it really is a very easy and simple and safe way to get toxicities out of your system.”

Try Zeolite for $5

Who Can Take Zeolite?

“You can take the Zeolite Pure Body spray when you’re pregnant. You can take it when you’re nursing. You can give it to infants because sometimes infants even get some heavy metals if their mother has been heavily vaccinated before when she was younger or if she’s a smoker. There’s a cadmium that can end up in the breast milk. You can even give it to dogs or cats because they actually end up with toxicities, too, by running around [in] grass that’s had pesticides,” answered Dr. Tenpenny. “So, it’s a really, really powerful yet gentle way to get toxicities out of your system.”

“And people will say, ‘How long do I have to keep taking this?’ And I’ll say, ‘Well, when you can find a place on the planet where you can move to live that’s nontoxic, and you’re not going to be exposed to toxins anymore, then I guess you could stop it.’ But other than that, you need to keep taking it.”

Try This Heavy Metal Detox Spray to Experience a Healthier You. Vigilant News Readers Get $75 Off — Plus an Extra 20% Off With Auto-Ship

Weight Loss With Zeolite

“You’ll just watch the weight fall off,” said Dr. Tenpenny if you eat right, use zeolite, and get your Vitamin D levels up.

“The crappy oils, the deep-fried oils, and things like that that get into your system. Those are persistent organic pollutants … The zeolite also picks those up and gets that out of your body. So, when it chelates [eliminates] that out of your fat tissue, it makes it easier for you to lose weight.”

$5 Heavy Metal Detox Offer Ends Sunday, October 22.

Dr. Tenpenny continued. “When your fat is contaminated with heavy metals and with all these persistent organic pollutants, your body sort of holds on to the fat because if it releases the fat, then you’re going to release all those toxicities into your system and make yourself sick. So, your body sort of protects itself.”

“So, the first thing you need to do if you’re trying to lose weight is to get those POPs, those persistent organic pollutants, and all of those heavy metals and the light metals [out of your body],” explained Dr. Tenpenny.

“And your vitamin D level needs to be at least 80 [ng/mL]. There are actually several published studies that said that if your vitamin D level is low, if it’s 30 [ng/mL] or less, that it’s physically impossible for you to lose weight.”

“That’s vitamin D,” Dr. Tenpenny emphasized. “Then use the zeolite spray, the Pure Body spray, to detox your fat from the metals and from the chemicals that are in your body. Get your vitamin D level up where it belongs, and then continue to eat right, drink plenty of water, and exercise, and you’ll just watch the weight fall off.”

Try Zeolite for $5

Profound Testimonials

Parents from all around have come forward, sharing heartfelt testimonials about how zeolite has transformed their and their children’s lives for the better. Here are a few:

Here’s my testimonial: My whole life, I’ve been prone to headaches (about two to three a month). I started using Pure Body Extra, a zeolite spray from Touchstone Essentials, about three weeks ago, and I’ve had zero headaches since I started taking it. This could be a coincidence, but I will continue taking Pure Body Extra to see if it eliminates my headaches for good.

$5 Heavy Metal Detox Offer Ends Sunday, October 22.

You Can Try Zeolite for $5

Pure Body Extra, “The most effective zeolite on the market,” according to Dr. Tenpenny, has a 4.7-star rating with over 41,000 reviews.

Pure Body Extra from Touchstone Essentials

Touchstone Essentials, the manufacturer of this product, has given me a special, limited-time offer for Vigilant News subscribers. You can get your first one-month supply for just $5 with free shipping (94% off - offer expires Sunday, 10/22). Please note that you will need to sign up for auto-ship to snag this deal, but it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can cancel anytime – no questions asked.

Pure Body Extra has helped a lot of people, and it may help you or your family, too. Again, you can cancel anytime and get your money back, so I urge you to take advantage of this limited-time offer. Get your first bottle for $5, and let me and everyone in the comments know if it helped you or your child!

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