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'That's Beyond Fraud': How FEMA Tried to Bribe Ernest Ramirez to Change His Son's Death Certificate to COVID

"I told them I would never do that. I would definitely never disrespect my son in that way."

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking and tragic tales of the past two and a half years is the story of Ernesto Ramirez Jr. (right). He was a 16-year-old boy, son of Ernest Ramirez Sr. (left), and “the best son a father could ask for.” But unfortunately, he died of heart complications five days after his first Pfizer shot in April 2021.

“The autopsy came back with heart enlargement. The teenager’s heart was twice the size expected for his age. He died within five days of the shot, which is when many cases of myocarditis and pericarditis are showing up post-vaccination in teens, especially boys.” —

“[While playing basketball], he collapsed and died right in front of me, his best friend. The paramedics worked on my son, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

That day, my world ended. Junior’s autopsy showed that he had myocarditis. Junior was a healthy boy, who loved playing baseball, video games with his friends — enjoyed the outdoors. He loved fishing. He was the best son a father could ask for. He was my best friend.”

As a single father without a wealth of capital, Ernest Ramirez Sr. faced daunting charges for Junior’s funeral.

Seven months later, Ernest Sr. received an offer from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to help him out with costs, but there was one major issue.

They asked Ernest to change the cause of death of his son to COVID so that they could help him out financially. Ernest told them, “I would never do that. I would definitely never disrespect my son in that way.”

That didn’t stop FEMA from trying again. Not only did they make this offer once, but they made it TWICE.


Dr. Henry Ealy provides more details.

“You have a grieving father who’s just lost his son — they wouldn’t let him get on the ambulance to go in with his son to the hospital. They come out and tell him his son is dead. He goes home, and he has to scrape together whatever money he can to produce a funeral. He does that.

And then in February … FEMA contacts him and says, ‘Listen, if you’ll change the death certificate — if you’ll change it to say that he died because of COVID, we’ll give you some money.’ And he said, ‘No, I won’t do that. I’m not gonna lie on a government document for blood money.’

He has the emails. He’s gonna send them over to me, and then some attorneys already have them. They contacted him a SECOND time. This is a grieving father who’s lost everything he loves. This was his pride and joy, his life!

And while he’s grieving, they tried it a second time and said, ‘Listen. have you changed your mind? We’ll give you some money if you just change the death certificate to say COVID.’

That’s beyond fraud at that time — that’s beyond criminal data fraud. That’s now into coercion. When we’re talking about things like this — even one account of that is horrific. It has to be investigated. But the question has to become: how many other times has that occurred?”

I have left my day job in the healthcare industry to pursue my passion of becoming an independent reporter. If you want to help keep this operation afloat, please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Great question and it has to be investigated. We cannot have any tolerance for allowing the bribing of grieving parents to drive up the death count, especially when it’s coming from our government. That’s beyond unethical.

If you want justice — if you want accountability for these criminals, please sign the petition below. Dr. Henry Ealy and his team are hoping to raise 1 million signatures to bring forth to a judge to demand a Grand Jury investigation against the CDC.

And if that goes through, it opens the door for Fauci & Friends. Please sign the petition below and share it with all receptive family members and friends.


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