The Best Lawyers in America Take Legal Action Against the FDA

"They have forsaken our most precious and vulnerable, so we will take legal action to stop them."

For seemingly the first time since this COVID madness began, the people take the offensive against the evil-doers as law teams mobilize against the FDA. Dr. Naomi wolf provides the details.

"Daily Clout and Health Freedom Defense Fund filed a citizens' petition with FDA to halt COVID injections for young children ... Daily Clout and HFDF (the people who successfully sued the Biden administration to take the masks off of passengers, including little children on aviation and federal transportation) ... So we together filed to citizens petition with USFDA requesting that FDA revoke emergency use authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for young children subsequent to FDA's authorization of the COVID-19 injections for that age group on June 17, 2022.

[This petition includes] a quote from me pointing out the children have a negligible risk from COVID, and that neither the safety nor efficacy of the injections has been proven. And it goes on to say, in fact, 'Data shows that healthy children are more at risk from the seasonal flu than they are from COVID and that therefore there is no just[ification] for exposing children to the known and unknown risks of the experimental and risky COVID shots.'

It ends by saying, 'FDA is charged with protecting public health, not marketing the product of what is arguably the most powerful industry in the world' ... 'Daily Clout and HFDF request that FDA reverse or pause its decision in order to further study the research available, and reverser posit to consider the 130,000 comments submitted to it regarding authorization of the shots for young children.' So this is a peaceful shot across the bow of the FDA. We're letting them know that this is the first step in legal action if they don't stop it right now."

To see the full post, click the link here.

You can also watch the full segment with Naomi Wolf below.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: We Must Revoke COVID-19 Injections For Children [VIDEO]

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