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The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Hear This Conversation


KENNEDY: “The cost of autism is now a trillion dollars a year. My generation, I’m 70, you’re 60.”

BECK: “I didn’t know anybody with autism.”

KENNEDY: “No, we knew nobody when we were a kid.”

BECK: “I didn’t know anybody with peanut allergies.”

KENNEDY: “No. I had eleven siblings [and] 70 cousins — nobody with a peanut allergy. Why do five of my seven kids have allergies? The autism rate in my generation today, right now, 2024, one in 10,000 70-year-old men have autism. In my kid’s generation, it’s one in every 34 kids. One in every 22 boys, according to CDC. Nobody’s talking about this? These are bankrupting our country. It’s a trillion dollars a year just for autism… Nobody’s talking about why is this happening?”

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