Thank you for continually keeping us informed—we appreciate YOU!!!

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Thank you for being here!

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Sep 15, 2023Liked by The Vigilant Fox

Love you, FOX! Thank you for aggregating important news, being brave enough to speak the truth and clever enough to find it!

Keep up the great work and dig even deeper- our world is under assault, imho, and the more sleepy sheep who get startled by you, the better!

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Thanks, Katherine!

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Thank you for bringing these stories to us!

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Sep 16, 2023Liked by The Vigilant Fox

Congratulations @VigilantFox on your incredible (and enviable) milestone. Wishing you continued success.

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The mainstream corporate "news" networks are nothing more than propaganda for the billionaire "elite" class. These networks pay their puppets well to spew lies and disinformation on a daily/nightly basis.

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Blair, you know it, and I know it, and people who read Vigilant Fox on twitter or on Substack know it.....but the VAST majority of people do not.

THAT is a BIG PROBLEM. Probably the biggest we face.

I wanted TRUMP to buy a television station, like CNN. THAT IS WHERE HE SHOULD HAVE PUT

his MONEY. Not in Truth Social.

I have asked people who would be interested in forming a grass roots million person consortium to purchase CNN, Fox, MSNBC, any one of them ....


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Thanks for your comment, Duchess. It would be awesome to get a grassroots movement to build some kind of a media presence. I totally agree!

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Structurally, Truth social is a terrible platform. Trump got scammed.

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You know, Vigilant Fox, that it is like living in a Zombie Apocolypse/Walking Dead movie or tv show.


It is frightening. I try not to think about it, but really, deep down in side, I am horrified.

The MSM will kill us all.

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FB restricted my account for posting the Hooker video. No option to protest. Lead Stories (Reuters) are the fact-checkers players. Is the CEO of Reuters still on Pfizer’s BoD?

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In all cases from the stories to the media that refuses to print them...corruption is the issue. Until and unless we take on how to solve the corruption problem NO system we set up will work. I have ideas....we need as many as possible.

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Corruption is the natural order of human beings...it starts slowly and snowballs, and you cannot legislate corruption out of all society.

What we could do is maybe get a good test now for psychopaths...and weed them out of positions of power.

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I didn't mention legislation. Corruption is not the natural 'order' of human beings...it is the result of humans not KNOWING who they are and what they are doing on this planet. Many have beliefs, but that is not enough. The status quo science claims a materialist paradigm...that we are wet computers and when we die nothing remains. This is a much bigger lie than 'safe & effective'. Because our true nature is not understood, corruption flourishes because nothing really matters for many but clawing their way to the top. As long as we have a top, psychopaths will lie, cheat, steal and kill to get to it, good people are trampled over. First step...cut off the top of the pyramid.

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I'm with Duchess on this. I do believe mankind is destined to destroy. It is a hardwired trait...not a character flaw. Cut off the top of the pyramid? It will only be replaced by a new top.

A generation ago human beings saw fit to stuff fellow human beings into ovens and showers. We said NEVER AGAIN! Now look. We never learn...

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Thank you VF! This was one of your BEST!

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Yes I am totally aware since I was 17years old. My father told me about things that would happen in the future, of course I taught he was mad. I'm 68 and never taught I'd see this happening in my lifetime. Just have to say strong in my faith, and I do believe God will have my back always. I really would love everyone to wake up, I cannot believe the Marches harly anyone turned up..God bless you family and Team,wonderful interesting articles all true .Ireland listening and watching 👀

Thank you so much.



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There is (purposely, I think), a constant deluge of info coming at us. We need a few good and brave journalists to sort it out and help us connect the dots. Thank you for your consistent hard work! It is important work and appreciated by all

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"The Corporate Media is the Enemy of the People"

Well, yes, but while this is true, it is only partly so, and it risks missing the major point. The major point is:

ALL joint-stock limited liability corporations are the enemy of the people!

The culmination of this affliction is the modern MNC - multinational corporation. The entire legal process and the creation of a separate legal entity or corporation is inimical to the people.

The modern corporation is an independent legal personality that grants a corporation the rights and obligations similar to that of a natural person (the legal definition of person, being any human or non-human entity that is recognized as having privileges and obligations; a legal fiction which is used to abstract away the differences between natural persons, juridical persons and even other entities such as countries). It has shared ownership in the form of stock that can be held by many persons. The corporation has Limited liability in order that the owners are insulated from the liabilities of the company, thus ensuring that they cannot lose more than the capital that they invest.

All of this chicanery has been for the capital reason of expediting the looting, plundering, resource removal, slavery, and extermination of indigenous people from native lands by the aristocracies, and more recently it has been the foundation and wellspring of the entire techno-totalitarian military-surveillance-biomedical complex.

Get back to me when you've fixed this and maybe then we'll talk about the corporate media.

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Very excellent as ever! Foxy I guess you'd say! Congratulations on the new website, keep up the great work. Very useful resource!

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Thank you! So happy to have this amazing new source of independent journalism that is so informative yet hidden by most news outlets. I’ve been following your work since you started your substack

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...but they bragged about this...... 😡 And just like that – hospitals mandate the new boosters that CAUSE 20-30 times more serious injuries than hospitalizations from C19


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Read “concluding remarks”. Fauci was one of the authors. And he still wants to push these?

Never tested on humans? Ok for 6 month babies?

This is insane! 🙈 I’m embarrassed for our medical agencies & anyone that considers our medical education colleges to be “ prestigious”. They are criminal and corrupt. Money can buy genocide now. How do you compete with that? And why aren’t other countries livid? Banking threats are so heavy they can’t respond?

Anyone out there want to save the world? 🌎

Intentions for good + meaningful actions will slow the evil plans of affluent cowards. Our souls have great powers to stop all this. Don’t give up & most importantly, follow the One True Light of the world. Rebuke all evil in Jesus’ name. We are given the authority to bring this evil to an end. What else do we need?

We need believers, and warriors of Truth. God would never commit HIS people to a conflict they couldn’t win.

Be bold, Be brave, and know that God is with you. He is not cowering, and either am I.

Through the blood of Jesus, all our sins are forgiven. The devil has to flee.

( Why were churches deemed non-essential in lockdowns?! Because “ they” KNOW the power that prayer does)

Meanwhile, what’s happening in Lahaina?

Someday FBI- CIA will say, “ yep, it was DEW”, and just like Fauci.. no consequences.

Just .. not on this earth. OH! There WILL be judgment.

GOD doesn’t like to see his children hurt & killed.

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