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The Healing Power of Vitamin D: What Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know

We know the medical establishment lied to us about COVID. And according to esteemed physician Dr. Paul Marik, they are also lying to you about the sun.

Originally Published on Vigilant News

“I think everyone on this planet should take vitamin D, and I don’t think that’s an underestimate,” expressed accomplished physician and author of 500 peer-reviewed journal articles Dr. Paul Marik.

In an interview with Children’s Health Defense, Dr. Marik explained — similar to how Big Pharma doesn’t like the “I drug” (Ivermectin) for treating COVID-19 — they also don’t like Vitamin D for general health and well-being. Because if you are in good health and devoid of chronic disease, there’s less money to be made.

“What you may not know is if you’re vitamin D deficient, it increases your risk of getting cancer,” Dr. Marik revealed.

“There’s a linear relationship between vitamin D deficiency and cancer. And the further you go away from the equator, the less UVB you get, the greater your risk of cancer. This has been well established!” Dr. Marik stressed.

“And now there’s really good data, really good data. If you take vitamin D, it prevents cancer. Isn’t that amazing?” he asked. In a previous article from Vigilant News, Dr. Marik explained how a daily regimen of taking Vitamin D, fish oil, and a simple exercise program could reduce your risk of cancer by 60%.

“Cancer is going to become the single most important cause of morbidity and death. It’s going to take over from cardiovascular disease, and it’s related to our lifestyle and all the toxins we’re exposed to,” Dr. Marik concluded.

Dr. Marik unveiled further eye-opening revelations about Vitamin D.


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