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The View STILL Defends Lockdowns in the Face of 20 Years of Lost Progress in the Classroom

“Why can’t they just leave everybody back a year?”

In a bit of shocking news, the View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin came to the defense of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, as she praised his actions in keeping kids in the classroom during the peak of COVID hysteria.

One of the things that I feel very strongly about that I think DeSantis has done right is he tried to keep kids in the classroom during COVID. I know many voters who have said, “I will never vote for a politician who kept kids out of the classroom.” We’ve seen the stats now about how much it’s put our kids behind, losing nearly a year of education.

She’s right. Twenty years of progress were wiped out in just a couple of years. And it wasn’t the pandemic that wiped it out; it was the measures.

“Except the children are alive now because we kept them out of [the school],” argued Whoopi.

Oh goodness… These people have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. So Whoopi believes that lowering kids’ aptitude scores by 23% is worth it to protect them from a sickness with a 99.997% infection survival rate.

She then adds, “The people that did it [locked down] right saved those kids’ lives. Yeah, it's gonna be a little harder to get them — to pull them up where they are, but they're here! And that's the difference.”

I guess she’s not familiar with the John Hopkins study that found that lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2%. And considering the already minuscule infection mortality rate we see in children, how are these lockdowns helping children, Whoopi?

Joy Behar then jumped in with this comment:

“At the time that that was happening, I said, ‘Why can’t they just leave everybody back a year?’… So you graduated at 18 instead of 17? What’s the big deal?”

Farah fired back, saying, “I work with a lot of school choice organizations, though, that did hybrid education. They did some in-person education. They gave the homeschool parents the resources that they needed. The idea that we just give up on kids for a year — you can protect their health while educating them.”

“No, you couldn’t!” retorted Whoopi.

“If we had known what we were dealing with — if we had had that crystal ball like you've [been] asking for, we would have had this information, but we didn't.”

And she uses this faulty argument as a means to apologize for those who got it WRONG and harmed children. “Everybody did their best.”

The data was there, but they refused to look! And they claimed “misinformation” whenever anyone had a counterargument…

Anyway… I think I’ve had enough of the View for one day. If there’s any lesson to be learned, don’t go to these ladies for a sound opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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