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'They Cooked the Books': Hyperinflated Death Counts and Foul Play With Death Certificates

"People who died from the shot are being counted as COVID deaths.”

It’s our time to bat. The chance to convene a Grand Jury investigation against the CDC is finally here as Dr. Henry Ealy, and the team behind finally received a late response from the defendants on August 27.

We “now have only until September 12 to respond and urge the court, on behalf of freedom-loving Americans, to rule in our favor and get our petition before a Grand Jury to investigate our allegations against the defendants.”

You can sign the petition here.

So what is the CDC being accused of?

Willful misconduct and criminal data fraud.

But let’s focus on death certificates, as Dr. Henry Ealy eloquently explains the abhorrent actions taken by the CDC to inflate the COVID death count.

“We’ve all heard out there that the death certificates are wrong; people got hit by a bus and called COVID death and so forth, right? We’ve all heard that. We’ve even seen with a new filing by one of our colleagues, John Beaudoin, in Massachusetts. He got all the death certificates in Massachusetts, and he’s showing — he’s showing that people who died from the shot were counted as COVID deaths and not adverse event deaths.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf almost jumped out of her seat.

“People who died from the shot are counted as COVID deaths?!”

Ealy confirms.

“We are seeing this everywhere, Naomi. People who died from the shot are being counted as COVID deaths.”

Naomi asks, “What’s the evidence in the records that they died from the shot? Shortly after the injection or —”

Ealy: “There was one that died within five minutes of getting the injection, but they called it a COVID death.”

Naomi: “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard.”

Ealy: “Right? So this was a little girl. This is a little girl.”

Naomi: “Oh, my God. Oh, my God.”

Ealy: “So John [Beaudoin] got all this. Some angel behind the scenes gave him access to all of the death certificates. His team broke everything down. We’re actually going to use some of his work to corroborate what we’re saying in our response to their most recent motion to dismiss.”


“So what it comes down to is this. They COOKED the books.”

“They made a little sleight of hand and said, ‘If you had pre-existing conditions and got COVID, or we think you got COVID, we’re going to ignore the pre-existing conditions — those aren’t going to be considered the cause of death — it’s always going to be COVID. And that’s the exact opposite thing that they do with every other cause of death.

And what it allowed them to do, Naomi, was to hyperinflate the death count so it looks like an emergency, when in fact, what the people really should have been listed as dying of is diabetes, or of heart failure or hypertension, or the pre-existing condition because it’s always been that your oldest known pre-existing condition is the cause of death. And infection is what is termed as an initiating factor but not a cause. And it’s a little subtle distinction, but it’s crucial when we talk about the death count for COVID.”

“So what we’re saying is that we have evidence to support a Grand Jury investigation, because what’s happened thanks to Robert Redfield did, Alex Azar did, what Xavier Becerra and Rochelle Walensky continue to do. They’ve just adopted all of those early policies, so that makes them culpable.

And what a little-known man by the name of Brian Moyer, with the head of the National Vital Statistics systems — what they all did, was they changed how death certificates were reported, violated three federal laws in the process, did not open up public comment, did not seek oversight by the Office of Management and Budget, which sits under the President’s jurisdiction, and therefore, went rogue.

And in doing that — this is where it gets crazy, Naomi. In doing that simultaneously, what they did, was the HHS erected a structure for Medicare-Medicaid insurance fraud. That led to the misappropriation of $3.5 TRILLION of U.S. taxpayer money throughout this supposed ‘crisis,’ all based upon the sleight of hand of a death certificate.”

If you’re as mad as I am and want to see these criminals behind bars, please sign this petition at DEMAND a Grand jury investigation and share this website with all receptive family and friends. The goal is 1 million signatures before September 12.

I have left my day job in the healthcare industry to pursue my passion of becoming an independent reporter. If you want to help keep this operation afloat, please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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