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'This Is Disturbing': The Shots Could Be Weakening Immune Systems for Generations

"People who take the vaccines are not the same."

During a video interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, the very popular Greg Hunter wasted no time with a big question that everyone wants to know.

“[Dr.] Bhakdi says you get injected with this lipid nanoparticle injection, which is super strong, you’ve shortened your life. What say you?”

“Well, lipid nanoparticles are the common feature of both the messenger RNA and the adenoviral DNA vaccines,” said Dr. McCullough.

We’ve never had a vaccine loaded on a lipid nanoparticle, which travels everywhere in the body. The lipid part of this is key — means it easily gets into the brain, [to] the spinal cord, the reproductive organs, the adrenal glands.

This is bad news. You don’t want a vaccine traveling into the brain. But we know the lipid nanoparticle goes there. It definitely goes to the heart. [An] autopsy paper … clearly shows the spike protein in the heart. Autopsy studies from Germany and Austria show the spike protein in the brain after vaccination. And the Chinese knew this. Paper by Wang and colleagues showed that the lipid nanoparticles themselves would get into these organs. This has been known.”

Yes it has. This information has been out there for several months now. But what Dr. McCullough says next is most concerning.

“A paper from Thomas Jefferson University by Qin and colleagues showed that the lipid nanoparticles themselves knock down the immune system.”

“And it may be a mechanism by which this is actually heritable to offspring in animals. This is disturbing. People who take the vaccines are not the same. And young people who may be having children in the future may pass down some of this weakened immunity to their children. That is what the paper from Thomas Jefferson suggests today. It’s really bad news.”

And unfortunately, I am witnessing this today with my very own eyes. My father took four shots, and since March 2022, he’s been regularly going through long periods of sickness, for what I fear is a shot immune system that can no longer keep up with day-to-day pathogens.

He was never prone to getting ill before the shots rolled out and always did his best to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Now he seldom gets a full night’s rest because he’s coughing so much at night.

And I’m sure you all know how it is. You have friends and family who took the jabs; they probably still think you’re crazy. And any fact-based evidence against the jab simply goes one ear and out the other. They prefer to avoid such conversations because it makes them uncomfortable. They’d rather believe the comforting lie. But that won’t keep me from trying to convince my Dad and others to stop taking these things.

And the idea that this could be passed from one human generation to the next just speaks volumes about the scale of this crime against humanity that we’re all witnessing.

But if there’s one benchmark that gives hope, it’s that parents have woken up and can see through the lies.

As of September 14, 2022, only 8% of 6-month to 4-year-olds have received at least one dose of the COVID jab. So clearly and evidently, parents are saying to the government, “not for my child.”

Back to Greg’s question: are these jabs shortening lives?

From the information Dr. McCullough just laid out, I would infer his direct answer would be: “The chance is woefully high.”


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If you enjoyed this clip and want to see more of Dr. McCullough, click on the link to the interview below. Peter always cites the science like no one else, and I’m confident it will be worth your time.

The FDA Covered Up This Biological Catastrophe Known as the COVID Jabs: Dr. Peter McCullough

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