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"This Is Not Science!" - Dr. Naomi Wolf Reveals the Tactics Pfizer Used to Overtly Skew Their Clinical Trial Data

"They didn't let them report the actual side effects."

In her never-ending quest to expose Pharma’s crimes against humanity, Dr. Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon on the War Room to discuss two new reports up on

First, Pfizer’s internal trials used a phone app for self-reporting instead of doing actual clinical science. That’s awfully suspicious. Dr. Naomi Wolf goes into detail.

“And so this is called the TrialMax App that Pfizer used to collect data on their internal trial participants. And the question that the volunteers raised in examining this data in the Pfizer documents is why were so few participants in Pfizer’s COVID-19 stage three trial required to submit daily side effects?, They just skipped over that, and Pfizer only allowed them to report certain side effects that were common! They didn’t let them report the actual side effects. Talk about skewing the scientific result you’re gonna get. If your head falls off, just don’t tell us about it. Also, it’s up to you to report it, but we’re [Pfizer] not requiring that you update us. So this is not science!”


Secondly, Pfizer excluded unfavorable participants from their stage three trials. These groups include:

• People older than 85 years of age, meaning those who are most likely to die of COVID even after an injection.

• People with other medical or psychiatric conditions, including recent or active suicidal ideation or behavior.

• Those with any lab abnormality that may increase the risk of steady participation.

• People with a history of a severe adverse reaction associated with a vaccine and/or have had a previous severe allergic reaction.

• Those with bleeding diathesis, a condition associated with prolonged bleeding.

• People who have had problems with intramuscular injection.

Dr. Naomi Wolf adds she “can go on and on.” “They excluded them!”

So not so surprisingly, Pfizer explicitly skewed their clinical trial data for the purposes of obtaining the desired results. And even with these cherry-picked subjects, there is a seemingly endless collection of damning data that they wanted to hide from the public for 75 years.

Thank you, Dr. Naomi Wolf, for your brave reporting. You can watch her entire segment with Steve Bannon by following the link below.

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Dr. Naomi Wolf: We Need to Continue to Search For The Truth [VIDEO]

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