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This Looks ‘Very Bad’: How the 2020 Election Was Rigged 7 Months In Advance

Four key institutions were part of this effort.

Censorship expert Mike Benz made a damning case on Tucker Carlson Uncensored that the rig was in for the 2020 election seven months ahead of time.

This involved, as Benz described, “a government-coordinated mass censorship campaign spanning every single social media platform on earth in order to pre-censor the ability to dispute the legitimacy of mail-in ballots.”

Carlson asked Benz, “So what you’re saying is, what you’re suggesting is, they knew the outcome of the election seven months before it was held?”

Benz answered: “It looks very bad.”

How did they do it?

According to Benz, a concerted effort, starting in April 2020, was made by a coalition involving the DHS, NATO, the DNC, and other entities to launch a mass censorship campaign across all social media platforms. This campaign aimed to pre-emptively censor any disputes over the legitimacy of mail-in ballots.

Four key institutions were part of this effort:

• Stanford University

• The University of Washington

• Graphika

• The Atlantic Council

Benz depicted these entities as “Pentagon cutouts,” suggesting they were operating under the influence or direction of the Pentagon to carry out “what the government was banned from doing itself.” The aforementioned entities, Stanford University, The University of Washington, Graphika, and the Atlantic Council, pressured and compelled social media companies to adopt a new category of speech violation termed “delegitimization.”

This policy was broad in scope, encompassing any form of content that could be interpreted as challenging the legitimacy of mail-in voting, early voting dropboxes, or the tabulation of ballots on election day. This pressure was not merely advisory but was backed by the implication of potential governmental force or repercussions for non-compliance.
Direct communication channels with tech company executives were also established to expedite the processing of takedown requests.

As a consequence, this concerted censorship effort led to the removal or throttling of potentially hundreds of millions of posts, particularly those questioning the security of mail-in ballots.

The following excerpt from Benz highlights the most important aspect:

“Now, they did this seven months before the election because, at the time, they were worried about the perceived legitimacy of a Biden victory in the case of a so-called ‘red mirage, blue shift event.’

“They knew the only way that Biden would be able to win, mathematically, was through the disproportionate Democrat use of mail-in ballots. They knew there would be a crisis because it was going to look extremely weird if Trump looked like he won by seven states and then, three days later, it came out actually the election switched.

“I mean, that would put the election crisis of the Bush-Gore election on a level of steroids that the national security state said, well, the public will not be prepared for. So what we need to do is we need to, in advance, we need to pre-censor the ability to even question legitimacy. This took out hundreds of key influencers.”

Recall this interaction between Benz and Carlson:

TUCKER CARLSON: “So what you’re saying is, what you’re suggesting is, they knew the outcome of the election seven months before it was held?”

MIKE BENZ: “It looks very bad.”

“Very bad,” indeed, it looks, especially when you couple it with the fact that in April of 2020, it was not long after the public was told “two weeks to slow the spread” in response to the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic.

How did they know COVID would be such a problem that seven months later, widespread mail-in ballots would be deployed? The COVID situation was all brand new. And if they knew that, which it appears they did, what compelled them to, as Mike Benz puts it, “pre-censor the ability to even question legitimacyof the 2020 election?

Considering the drastic measures taken to censor Americans and, in turn, oust Trump from the White House, it makes one wonder: was the lab leak in Wuhan really an accident?

Click here to watch the full interview.