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Today, We Pause to Honor the Memory of the Great Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, Marking One Year Since His Passing


I never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, but I was an avid listener and admirer from afar. He was more than a doctor; he was a divinely-inspired person, and his fearless, unapologetic way of truth-telling had a profound impact on me.

During COVID, at the hard-hit epicenter of New York City, Dr. Zelenko boldly treated patients on the front lines. While doing so, he discovered the power of hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc.

This drug combo became an essential part of what came to be known as the “Zelenko Protocol,” which resulted in an impressive 99.96% survival rate among the 7,000 COVID patients Dr. Zelenko’s team treated, markedly surpassing the efficacy of the so-called vaccines.

However, Governor Cuomo placed a ban on hydroxychloroquine, and Dr. Zelenko and his team no longer had access to this life-saving drug. Undeterred, he open-sourced an over-the-counter treatment protocol, “also known as Z-Stack,” to the world — which he called “the cure to tyranny.”

The number of lives saved and the tremendous good Dr. Zelenko did for society cannot be overstated. Thank you, Dr. Zelenko, for your unwavering courage and your profound contribution to humanity. May your soul continue to rest in peace.


To hear more about the life of the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, please follow his Twitter account (ZelenkoZev), which his good friend, DschlopesIsBack, is managing.

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