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Top Doctor Reveals Cancer-Cutting Regimen That Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know About

“Our healthcare expenditure would go down, but the pharmaceutical profits would go down, too. And obviously, that’s the issue.”

Originally Published on DailyClout

“We need a reawakening because this current medical system is broken,” declared accomplished physician and author of 500 peer-reviewed journal articles Dr. Paul Marik in a sit-down interview with The Epoch Times.

“Medicine is controlled by big pharma. The food industry is controlled by the big nutrition companies. And I think they're in cahoots to keep Americans as unhealthy as they can by promoting bad food, which causes all of these diseases for which you take drugs which are not curative.”

Dr. Marik’s above comments came after a lengthy discussion about Vitamin D.

“What we used to do [in the olden days] is we’d live indoors in our little cave, and then we'd sleep with no artificial light, which is really important because having darkness at night is really important to make melatonin. That's what the Pineal gland does. If your Pineal Gland is not functioning optimally, you don't make melatonin. It significantly increases your risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer,” shared Dr. Marik.

“So, night shift work is actually classified by the EPA as a type 2 carcinogen (probably carcinogenic) — because these synthetic lights switch off melatonin. They don't have infrared,” he denoted.

“What we did during the night was we were in the cave. During the day, we went outdoors. We went hunting. We got sunshine. We got blue light. Blue light is important for the day to switch off the Pineal gland and make infrared. And we’ve disturbed that natural cycle of life,” lamented Dr. Marik.

“And so, we need to get back to basics.”

“Walk outdoors, get sunshine, eat once or twice a day, reestablish your circadian rhythm where you have darkness at night and light during the day,” recommended Dr. Marik. “It's just common sense.”

“And so, vitamin D is so critical,” he stressed. “This is not fringe.”

“There's overwhelming data that people who have low vitamin D levels: their risk of cancer is increased exponentially. And interestingly enough, if you live in a high latitude, so closer to the North or South Pole, you get less ultraviolet B, you make less vitamin D — you have a higher risk of cancer. In fact, I'll tell you. There was a study recently published in a peer-reviewed journal [in] which they looked at three simple interventions to reduce cancer. It was a prospective, randomized study. They gave patients 4000 units of vitamin D, 1 gram of omega-3 (fatty acids), plus a simple home exercise program. They reduced the risk of cancer by 50%. Just think of the implications,” he urged.

While vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and an exercise program together are shown to reduce cancer risk by half, Dr. Marik “would probably add melatonin to that.” He declared that you could essentially “eliminate cancer from this planet.”

Dr. Marik also points out that a New England Journal of Medicine paper on Vitamin D “beautifully describes how vitamin D deficiency causes cancer and how if you supplement it reduces the risk.”

“… studies indicate that levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D below 20 ng per milliliter are associated with a 30 to 50% increased risk of incident colon, prostate, and breast cancer, along with higher mortality from these cancers.”

But there’s an underlying issue.

“While you would save enormously, our healthcare expenditure would go down, but the pharmaceutical profits would go down, too,” relayed Dr. Marik. “And obviously, that's the issue — is that it goes against the pharma narrative, which is to sell them drugs that don't cure them. They want you to take drugs forever that don't cure disease. They [pharmaceuticals] just suppress symptoms.”

“It's a very sobering thought — because I think people need to take matters into their own hands,” concluded Dr. Marik.

“I think people don't want to get cancer. They don't want to get metabolic syndrome. So, there are simple, common-sense things you can do to reduce your risk. Take vitamin D, take melatonin, do some exercise, get some sunshine. We're not talking about high-tech interventions here,” Dr. Marik said with a smile.

He then adds that we need to “get more in tune with ourselves” and that we need to decrease the amount of stress and anxiety in our lives. “We can improve our health, our well-being, our longevity, and our happiness.”


For more insights from Dr. Paul Marik, the full Epoch Times interview is available via the link below.

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