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Traditional Vaccines Now in Question: Dr. Harvey Risch Loses All Trust in the CDC and the FDA

“My trust level in those institutions is ZERO.”

If we’ve learned anything over the last two and a half years, it’s that the CDC and FDA have their allegiance to the pharmaceutical industry, not the American people. And their behavior during COVID made it very obvious.

The skeptic community has largely accepted the COVID shot as being dangerous, ineffective, and completely unnecessary in children. But what about the traditional vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule? Should parents trust the CDC and FDA in regard to those shots? That’s what Dr. Meryl Nass inquired to Dr. Harvey Risch.

We’ve been getting vaccines for a long time – for 100 years – at least Americans have been getting vaccinated regularly. But now, we can no longer trust the system. We can no longer trust, certainly, the COVID vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, and the CDC. So is there any reason to trust them on the flu shots or any other vaccines?

“To be honest, my trust level in those institutions is ZERO,” responded Dr. Risch.

I have zero trust in the CDC, and I have zero trust in the FDA. They have shown their complete corruption with regards to industry sponsors, and it’s despicable. I believe that the people in charge of those agencies should be prosecuted in court for that degree of corruption that has shown that their allegiance has been to their companies and not to the American people.

The CDC, which was supposed to be an elite intellectual medical public health institution, has put out garbage study after garbage study after garbage study. It publishes these studies in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. When I was in medical school, the MMWR was the public health standard — what one looked to see what was happening in public health every week.

Now it’s the publication of nonsense. It puts out studies that are fatally flawed. Week in after week out, fatally flawed studies: studies with 8% response rates, studies using the wrong study design, studies using the wrong controls. It’s bizarre that these institutions would put out material like this, think that this passes for scientific evidence and that it would just breeze through without criticism.

So this despicable behavior is just totally unacceptable for the way anything should be happening with our government administration. And for Dr. Walensky, the chief of the CDC, to say, ‘Oh, we did some introspection and review. And our problem was that we didn’t know how to communicate well enough with the general public’ is even more bizarre. It’s complete misrepresentation of the failings of the CDC and a complete lack of perception of what her problems are [and] what the institute’s problems are.

I’m not saying that there aren’t good staff in mid-level of these agencies. There are plenty of very good scientists who work in those agencies. The problem is that as you get to the policy levels towards the top of these agencies, they’re totally corrupted. They know who’s paying their bills, and they’re totally corrupted. And that’s a problem that has to change.

Well said, Dr. Risch.

These industries are totally corrupted — which begs the question: what are the chances they would ever inform us about the risk/benefit analysis of traditional vaccines when they won’t even discuss that with the COVID jab? Well, The Highwire did some digging, and this is what they found.

Study Finds Massive Disparity in Chronic Disease Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children

Over 600 parents of homeschooled children filled out an anonymous questionnaire, and the results that came back may blow your mind.

(Vaxed vs. Unvaxed)

• Allergic Rhinitis - 10.4% vs. 0.4%

• Other Allergies - 22.2% vs. 6.9%

• Eczema - 9.5% vs. 3.6%

• Learning Disability, ADHD, or ASD - 10.5% vs. 3.1%

• Any Chronic Illness - 44.0% vs. 25.0%


“These are shocking numbers,” said the Highwire’s Jefferey Jaxen. Shocking indeed. And if you want even more astonishing numbers, check out Dr. Paul Thomas’ data.

Incredible Statistics: Dr. Paul Thomas Blows Up the Conventional Vaccine Narrative

Back to the original question.

“Is there any reason to trust them [the CDC and FDA] on the flu shots or any other vaccines?” Make up your own mind. But if it were my body or my child, my answer would be a complete and clear NO.

Thanks for reading.

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And for the entire interview with doctors Harvey Risch and Peter McCullough, please follow the link below.

New C19 Boosters Are ‘Totally Useless’: Doctors Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch

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