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Tucker Carlson Announces New Telegram Channel Following Interview With Pavel Durov


This is a fantastic move, and I’ll tell you why.

Remember, it was not long when the government colluded with Twitter to silence dangerous “COVID misinformation,” including info that came from legitimate doctors and esteemed scientists who disagreed with the official government narrative.

While many of your favorite accounts, including this one, were banned and silenced on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc, Telegram did the exact opposite and served as a bastion of free speech.

It was the place to go, along with Substack, for real COVID information while other platforms dinged you for simply asking, “Hey, what about natural immunity?”

While 𝕏 is great in its current form, it is under attack, and it is wise not to put all your eggs in one basket.

I still use Telegram daily. It is an awesome platform, and I am glad to see Tucker showing it some love.

Here is Carlson’s Statement:

“When the Russian government asked Pavel Durov to use his social media company (Telegram) to censor its political opponents, he refused. He said he would rather resign and leave the country where he was born than participate in something like that. Such was his commitment to free speech.

“Now, you got to compare that, what he did, what Pavel Durov did, to what Mark Zuckerberg did, or Parag Agrawal, the guy who ran Twitter before Elon Musk bought it. Both of them have collaborated with governments to censor people, and that's shameful.

“So we believe Pavel when he says that his app, Telegram, will be a bastion of free speech because it has been. And we believe him because he's shown how committed to that he is. So we've decided that we're going to launch, with pride, our own Telegram channel to give one more avenue to reach people with our content free from censorship.

“So, if you're on Telegram, we ask that you subscribe to our new channel by searching for the username listed below.”

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