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Turbo Death from Turbo Cancers: “We’re in Trouble,” Says Dr. Ryan Cole

“We’re seeing young people get leukemias, and they appear in the emergency room. And they’re gone within a week.”

Originally Published on Vigilant News

“The statistics are looking not so great,” esteemed pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole recently told Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog. “There was an injection that, like you said, 700 million doses were given approximately in the US, according to the CDC. And this injection was not a vaccine. And the media, and people's places of work, and whatnot coerced them into thinking that it was. This was a gene-based injection.”

“If you got one [shot], don't get two. If you got two, don't get three. If you got three, don't get four. If you never got one, please don't get one,” Dr. Cole urged. Why? Because the COVID injections can lead to various detrimental health issues, such as autoimmune diseases, inflammation in the hearts of young individuals, neurological damage, and even the exacerbation of conditions like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. “And to bring the monster in the room, cancer is on the uptick,” lamented Dr. Cole. “We’re in trouble.”

Immune Suppression

Dr. Ryan Cole was one of, if not the first, doctor to publicly sound the alarm on disconcerting cancer patterns after the rollout of the COVID-19 injections.

"I'm seeing these very calm, manageable cancers take off like wildfire, like hydras, like dragons, and they're going everywhere,” he warned in 2021.

Why are cancers taking off “like wildfire”? Because “these shots suppress the immune system,” explained Dr. Cole.

“It [COVID shots] puts your T cells to sleep in a manner that they can't fight. And T cells are basically the marines of your immune system. They're the frontline warriors. And all day long, you and I, sitting here right now, anybody listening, we have about 30 billion T cells circulating around in our body, and they're shaking hands and talking to your cells. ‘Hey, are you a friend?’ ‘Are you a foe?’ ‘Are you infected?’ ‘Are you a cancer cell?’ ‘What do we do with you?’ And so, it [T cells] are just knocking on the door, checking all the time with all your cells,” Dr. Cole denoted.

T-cell activation. Image:

“Well, these shots, instead of having those [T cells] be hearty, on the front line, healthy soldiers, makes them kind of drunk and go back to the barracks and go to sleep. And now they can't do that surveillance to fight cancer.

“And so, people ask, well, do these shots cause cancer? Well, they cause immune suppression. They cause a disruption and a dysregulation of your immune system that normally is what would fight cancer,” he added.

Disconcerting Data

Dr. Cole mentioned that he has traveled the world and has talked to doctors of all specialties, including oncologists, pathologists, family doctors, internists, OBGYNs, et cetera. And what they tell Dr. Cole is, “I'm seeing cancers in my practice in age groups I've never seen before. And it happened after the rollout of the shots."

Dr. Cole also mentioned some alarming data that he has seen from data analyst Edward Dowd and his team at

“They [Dowd and his team] went in and looked at the [UK] disability data set. In 2020, there was about a 1 point something percent increase in cancer. In 2021, about 6 or 7%. But in 2022, there was a 35% expected percent [increase] above average. So, those are the types of data we're seeing that is really concerning,” remarked Dr. Cole.

“Turbo Cancers” Are More Aggressive and Not Responding to Conventional Therapies

Dr. Cole explained that cancer typically follows a predictable pattern, where we can observe its progression through various stages. Usually, doctors can anticipate how it will develop and plan appropriate treatments accordingly, with each step in the process having a corresponding therapeutic approach. But “turbo cancers” are not progressing that way.

“These cancers are behaving in a very aggressive manner and not responding to therapies in the usual manner,” explained Dr. Cole. “And that's because the immune system is dysregulated by these lipid nanoparticle synthetic mRNA shots.”

Turbo Cancers Are More Deadly

“The turbo cancers kill faster and [are] more aggressive. Is that right?” asked Greg Hunter.

“They do,” answered Dr. Cole. “And it’s because the immune system can’t turn back on to fight them.”

Dr. Cole mentioned a cancer study performed in 13 BALB/c mice. “And in 13 mice, one of them got a horrendously aggressive lymphoid cancer. One out of 13. That's statistically a lot.”

“We’re seeing young people get leukemias, and they appear in the emergency room. And they’re gone within a week,” Dr. Cole added. “We have individuals that had cancer in remission. This is the one that's been very interesting to me. People who've been clear of their cancer [for] 2, 3, 5, 10, even 20 years, I've heard in one case, where after the shots, their cancer aggressively came back.”

More mRNA Shots on the Way

Dr. Cole explained that the issue of cancer-causing shots isn't limited to COVID injections alone; it pertains to the broader application of this technology involving lipid nanoparticles and synthetically engineered GMO RNA. “And they want to do this with hundreds of other products now. It's easy for the manufacturer, but it's not good for humanity.”


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Dr. Ryan Cole’s full interview with Greg Hunter is available to watch via the video below:

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