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Twitter Users Lose it After Kari Lake Speaks Out Against COVID Vax Mandates for Schoolchildren

“It’s amazing to me that Republicans are working so hard to kill their own constituents and their families.”

Last night (October 18), Arizona Governor hopeful Kari Lake was questioned if she would support COVID vaccine mandates for schoolchildren should the CDC add it to the childhood immunization schedule. Here’s how she responded:

Absolutely not. We will never allow that in Arizona. This is an experimental shot; our children are not guinea pigs. And we’re not going to have incidence of myocarditis in our young, precious children.

We will fight that with every fiber in our being. We’re not going to have this forced shot by the CDC because their tentacles are in Big Pharma. And I’m going to fight that. This is an experimental shot, and we’re seeing injuries with this vaccine. And we’re not going to force our precious, healthy children to get a shot that is already proving to not only be ineffective — it’s also proving to be dangerous.

Seemingly stuck in September 2021, some Twitter users poured in outrage.

“It’s horrifying she could hold public office,” said one user.

“Kari Lake is ‘very dangerous,’” said another.

One even took it as far as to say, “It’s amazing to me that Republicans are working so hard to kill their own constituents and their families.”

It seems none of these people have gotten the memo that:

1.) The jabs don’t stop transmission.

2.) The jabs are still experimental with no long-term safety profile.

3.) Most kids have already contracted and recovered from COVID (80 to 90%).

4.) Kids aren’t even at high risk of dying of COVID in the first place, with a 99.997% infection recovery rate.

5.) You name it. Bad discovery after bad discovery.

Take this as an FYI to keep you on your toes.

Because there is still a sizable portion of brainwashed people who would love to see you and your children suffer for not giving up your body “for the greater good.”

But here’s what you can do now.

The CDC is slated to have another meeting on the childhood vaccine regimen on October 20, 2022, from 8:30 am to 3:20 pm EDT.

1.) Watch the meeting:

2.) Leave a public comment (you can do so from now until October 20):

3.) Share this article/links with aligned friends and family to multiply the pest army further to thwart their goals.


And if this does go through — pull your kid(s) out of school. I’m sure they’ll have a quick change of heart should a considerable portion of parents revolt and do that.

Thanks for making it to the end.

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