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UK Government Reveals Its Plan to BURY Excess Deaths

“You can't hide the dead bodies.”

This is criminal. The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) is changing its methodology to BURY excess deaths.

This new methodology often makes it appear that FEWER people are dying than expected when the exact opposite is true.

Dr. John Campbell explained in a recent video how this new methodology changes 2023’s numbers:

Week 21

Old method: 1066 excess deaths

New method: 662 excess deaths

Reduction of 404 excess deaths

Week 24

Old method: 1172 excess deaths

New method: 645 excess deaths

Reduction of 527 excess deaths

Week 32

Old method: 427 MORE than usual dying

New method: 89 LESS than usual dying

Reduction of 516 excess deaths

Week 34

Old method: 484 excess deaths

New method: 144 excess deaths

Reduction of 340 excess deaths

Week 46

Old method: 378 excess deaths

New method: 525 FEWER deaths than expected

Reduction of 903 excess deaths

Week 51

Old method: 647 excess deaths

New method: 260 FEWER deaths than expected

Reduction of 907 excess deaths

“So we’ve gone from a situation here where in that week where there were 647 excess deaths, more than we would expect to actually 260 less than we would expect,” Dr. Campbell observed with skepticism. “So there’s actually less people dying than we would expect.”

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“You Can’t Hide the Dead Bodies”

Data analyst Edward Dowd testified during Ron Johnson’s latest roundtable discussion Monday that he “suspected” governments would start changing methodologies to bury excess deaths. However, he noted, “The actuarial tables that the insurance companies use haven't changed.”

Ed Dowd mentioned that Scott Davison, the CEO of One America, disclosed during a Chamber of Commerce event that there had been a staggering 40% increase in excess mortality rates among individuals aged 25 to 64. Davison highlighted that even a 10% rise in these figures would be a rare occurrence, akin to a once-in-200-years flood, or a three standard deviation event, making a 40% increase “off the charts.”

Dowd stated: “The insurance companies are seeing the same excess mortality, especially in the working-age population. So these deaths are undeniable. You can't hide the dead bodies, unfortunately.”