Unintended Consequences: "You Have to Analyze All-Cause Mortality"

Because, when you do, you may discover, "This is doing more harm than good."

Whenever one rolls out a new drug, medical product, device, whatever, the ultimate data point to analyze whether or not it is fulfilling the intended purpose — increasing healthy outcomes — is all-cause mortality.

One can infer that their product is going to have a tremendous impact on paper, but the problem with making scientific analyses on paper is that you do not run into unexpected adverse reactions.

For example, it was believed that cholesterol-lowering medications would yield a positive outcome because it was inferred that lower cholesterol equals fewer heart attacks. Well, there was an unexpected adverse reaction that negated such benefit as the people who had untreated, high cholesterol levels had lower all-cause mortality than people who were treated with cholesterol medications.

Image Credit: Nally Family Practice

Why was that? Dr. Robert Malone provides the details:

"The data started coming out from post-approval analyses that more people were dying with the cholesterol-lowering drugs than the ones that weren't taking them.

What were they dying of? They were dying of suicide. It turns out that dropping your cholesterol levels precipitously affects your cognition and your state of mind."

We can apply this same principle to the COVID jab. Even for events, you would assume, “It can’t possibly be related to the vaccine.”

"Well, as an example, Joseph was just crossing the street on the crosswalk, and he got hit by a car. 'Well, that's clearly not vaccine-related.'

Well, if Joseph had brain fog or if Joseph is driving a car, and he suddenly has a wreck, an unintended wreck. 'How could you say that was due to the vaccine?'

Well, if he suddenly had a stroke while he's driving a car, it could absolutely be due to the vaccine! Right? And but and that's why these unintended things sometimes can only be detected by all-cause mortality."

And that's why they dig their heads in the sand and refuse to look at this crucial piece of information because it makes the COVID jab look TERRIBLE. You could even say that it's a "smoking gun." Significant spikes in all-cause mortality almost always correlate with more vaccine uptake.

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