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We Need a COVID ‘Reckoning,’ Says Governor DeSantis in Elon Musk Twitter Space Event

“I think all of those [health] agencies need to be cleaned out.”

Originally Published on DailyClout

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his 2024 presidential campaign Wednesday in a Twitter Spaces conversation with the world’s second richest man, Elon Musk. The event “broke the Twitter system” due to high volume and was plagued by technical glitches and crashes — making it difficult for many users to hear DeSantis’ statements in real-time. After an unsuccessful Elon Musk-hosted event, entrepreneur David Sacks hosted a mostly-stable second Twitter Space with Elon Musk as the co-host.

Despite the setbacks of the event, Governor DeSantis outlined his commitment to the revitalization of America and promised to challenge the status quo.

About 23 minutes into the conversation, Stanford professor of medicine and Great Barrington Declaration author Dr. Jay Bhattacharya asked Governor DeSantis how we avoid the mistakes of lockdown policies from happening again.

“What are your thoughts about reforming the public health authority in the United States and the Federal government, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH? How do you see reforms we need so that the mistakes of the lockdowns that happened during the pandemic don’t happen again when there’s another pandemic?” Dr. Bhattacharya questioned.

“Well, first, we need an honest reckoning about what happened during COVID,” remarked Governor DeSantis. “And the only honest reckoning is that all of those [health] agencies, all of the elites, the public health establishment, they failed. They instituted bad policies,” he expressed.

“Obviously, it’s a novel virus. But I think what happened was when the data was becoming more and more apparent that the path they were on was wrong, they doubled down and wanted to do it even more. And I really believe had Florida not just kind of stood in the way, I think this country would have had rolling lockdowns for probably a two-year period,” the Florida Governor attested.

“And so, their impulses were authoritarian. They were not following the data. And I think the U.S. government needs to acknowledge the failures. And I think all of those [health] agencies need to be cleaned out,” asserted Governor DeSantis.

“What I saw, just dealing with them, was I saw an interest in the narrative and in politics over evidence-based reasoning and evidence-based medicine. And so, I don’t have confidence that those agencies are up to the task. And I think you need major, major overhaul of the whole enchilada with respect to public health in this country.”


The entire conversation between Governor DeSantis, Elon Musk, David Sacks, and more is available in recorded mode on Twitter.

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