Where's the Food Going to Come From? Climate Stupidity Is Going to Kill Us All

Isn't it weird that all these governments are obsessed with targeting food production?

Amid ongoing protests in the Netherlands, more countries are signing on to these climate reductions to emissions, primarily targeting the agricultural industry.

In a news article covered by the Highwire, we gain some insight into what these reductions entail. Here is the headline:


In this story, we see a glimpse of transparency as members of Parliament forced the release of an internal document by the Minister of Finance. Here’s what it says (translated to English).

“The current nitrogen strategy of the cabinet will mean, according to the calculations of the Ministry of Finance, that 11,200 farmer businesses must be stopped and another 17,600 farmers will have to significantly reduce their livestock, by a third almost a half. The calculations were published on Wednesday afternoon to show how hard the agricultural sector (a total of 40,000 to 50,000 farmers with cattle) is affected by the nitrogen fertilization plans of the cabinet.”

The food supply was already heading towards a global downturn after the strain of two and a half years of COVID policies, and now while we are vulnerable, while we need some relief, they want to impede the work of up to 50,000 Dutch farmers?

And it’s not just the Netherlands. Check out the headline from the UK.

British farmers are being offered a lump sum payment to leave the industry - but at what cost to agriculture?

And here it is directly on the UK government’s website.

How to apply for a lump sum payment to leave or retire from farming

It goes on to say this:

“Before you receive the lump sum payment, you must do all the following:

Basically, they’re saying, “Get the heck out of here! We don’t want you to farm anymore, and WE want to be in control the land.”

Here’s what the Highwire’s Del Bigtree has to say about all of this.

“The whole thing is so disturbing. The farmers are the problem? Farmers are? Not all of the industries that are tracking us and tracing us or causing problems around the world and starting wars? It’s the farmers? Those people that are out there digging the dirt, bringing us our food, and where’s our food going to come from?

And like you said, the whole place [WEF] is ‘Stop global hunger.’ Yet the very people saying that are literally paying people to shut down their farms so that they don’t grow anything.

We’re under attack! I don’t know how else to see it — by some really, really stupid, sinister, dark, strange entities.”

Completely agreed. It feels like it’s designed. And I’m afraid these dumb decisions are going to have massive consequences.

To dig deeper into this subject, watch Michael Yon’s interview with Jordan Peterson.

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