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'Who Needs the WHO?': The Nations of Africa Know Better Than to Give Up Their Sovereignty

'We don't need you; we're doing our thing."

In May, there was a significant push to ram through new International Health Regulation amendments to the WHO treaty, written by Biden's Health and Human Services.

To their surprise, the pushback was IMMENSE, largely because of the nations of Africa, who said, "Thanks, but no thanks," to this major power grab.

So Dr. Tess Lawrie, in an interview with Mariazeee, brings into question, "Who Needs the WHO?" We don't necessarily need to fight them. We can just say, "Your rules don't apply to us; we're going to do our own thing."

"Let's resist the WHO, but in actual fact, is resistance even necessary? We just have to say, 'We don't need you; we're doing our thing. We have a better plan, and we're going to get on with it.' And I think that's what the African Sovereignty Union is really doing. It's saying, 'Thanks, but no, thanks. We don't need your your your impositions, your treaties, your power grab.'"

But what would the scenario look like if we did accept their terms? If we rolled over and complied? What would the landscape look like in the event of another so-called health emergency? Dr. Lawrie breaks it down.

They could say anything, declare any sort of health emergency and then they would have the power, once they've declared a health emergency or potential health emergency, it could be potential or actual, they would then have the power to determine whether quarantine was needed, whether injections were needed and mandates were needed and masks. They would get to determine the quality of the injections, vaccines, and treatments, who got the contracts, how it was promoted, and so on.

It's just outrageous, and we need to say no."

Absolutely. There's no way we should ever allow an unelected body to wield such power.

If you would like to see more of Dr. Lawrie, follow the link below to watch the rest of this great interview.

Worldwide Coalition, Monkeypox, Global Fertility Problems From Injections & Saying ‘No’ – Dr. Tess Lawrie With Maria Zeee

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