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World War III Appears Imminent as the Establishment Attempts to Sweep Vaccine Genocide Under the Rug

If the world shifts its attention to the fear of getting nuked, what does that do for COVID accountability?

Originally Published on DailyClout

There’s an epidemic of sudden death sweeping across the globe – but nary a peep from the legacy media. After three years of COVID measures, lockdowns, and vaccine passports, the “health” of the people is no longer on the minds of those in authority, as excess mortality exceeds 20 million deaths — 13 million more than what we’ve attributed to COVID-19.

Now, with an open Twitter and COVID-19 vaccine compliance down to only 16%, something else appears to be on the horizon — and that something else is World War III.

From The Post Millennial: 'There will be a world war' if China provides arms to Russia: Zelensky

• On Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that if China were to ally itself with Russia in the ongoing war in Ukraine, it would mark the start of World War III.

• “If China allies itself with Russia, there will be a world war, and I do think China is aware of that,” he stated.

• Zelensky's comments came the same day Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv and pledged another $500 million in aid and further sanctions on Russia.

As such, talks of World War III have dominated social media.

On Monday night, former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard responded to Zelenksy’s comments saying, “He [Zelenksy] is doing everything he can to bring us [The United States] and NATO into this war.”

Former President Trump on Tuesday released a video expressing, “World War III has never been closer than it is right now.” “These people have been seeking confrontation for a long time, much like the case in Iraq and other parts of the world. And now, we’re teetering on the brink of World War III.”

And Luke Rudkowski asked, “Can we please stop racing towards World War III?” in response to a Feb 21 The New York Times piece.


“World War III solves a lot of issues (for the perpetrators),” attested former Blackrock portfolio manager Edward Dowd.

“Why is our administration insanely running into a World War III situation?” Dowd asked. He answered, “And I suspect — I’m a cynical guy — that World War III solves a lot of issues: solves the sovereign debt crisis and solves the vaccine murder that’s gone on — wipes a bunch of stuff off the map — and directs everyone’s attention to a world war.”

Edward expressed that he hopes he’s wrong, but that scenario is “definitely in play. And the capital markets may be starting to sniff this out.”

He elaborates. “The U.S. Dollar in a World War III situation would go up quite a bit. And the dollar, the DXY, the basket of currencies, bottomed about two weeks ago and is starting to go up. We think it put in a very significant bottom.”

But Edward Dowd is not so optimistic about the stock market’s future. “The stock market is on razor’s edge right now. I don’t like to make predictions, but if I had to guess, the stock market is going to fall apart in the next week or two.”

Despite the uncertainty, markets have actually performed quite well during times of war in the past.

“Wars magnify government spending, which results in increased revenue and earnings for those companies that are awarded government contracts,” wrote Anu Gaggar, CFA, FRM, back in 2017.

But five years before the outset of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there was something about today’s environment that had Anu’s market concern — the threat of nuclear war.

“Wars might be good for the domestic and domestically oriented economy when combat does not occur on home ground. But in today’s world, there is a remote but real risk of a rogue nation dropping a nuke on U.S. soil. This would cause massive destruction in terms of life, property, and the economic output of our nation.”

Based on technical analysis and his market insight, Edward Dowd is bearish on the market. And Anu Gaggar’s unbiased assessment in 2017 suggests that nuclear war would be a disaster for the economy.

So, if the world shifts its attention to the fear of getting nuked and watching life savings dwindle, what does that do for COVID accountability? It is a scenario, I fear, that would cause such a distraction that it could actually sweep vaccine murder under the rug.

Don’t let that happen!

As the internet seeks to purge itself of the crimes of the past three years, the greatest countermeasure we have is writing history ourselves — through the power of Substack and books.

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We are shattering expectations, but we need your continued support to push truth up the algorithm, which is not just good for the book but also for the conversation, making it more likely for the criminals to be confronted. We already have the blueprint for prosecution; we just need enough people informed to demand accountability:

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