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Yale Exposed, Follow the Money: “They Need HHS More Than They Need Their Students”

Dr. Naomi Wolf’s husband has found a shocking trail from Yale’s own records.

Yale University has been making headlines lately — and not in a good way — as Dr. Naomi Wolf has been giving them hell over their Covid-19 vax mandate. Yale is requiring students, most between the ages of 17 and 22, to take the bivalent booster tested on eight mice in order to continue their education for the spring semester — while allowing their faculty a pass on the latest shot.

Now, why are they doing this?

We know these shots don’t stop infection or prevent transmission. So each injection, per individual, is really a risk/benefit assessment. Covid-19 is a far greater threat to faculty than students — so why is it only the students being mandated? It doesn’t make sense.


Dr. Naomi Wolf reveals some financial numbers that should help clear things up a bit. “Why would they be harming young adults’ bodies in this way and doing something that the alumni would surely find to be very wrong if they knew about it?” she asked.

In short, “follow the science” = “follow the money.”

“My husband’s a private investigator, an intel guy, and he found a shocking paper trail from Yale’s own records and from a government database that tracks funding,” shared Dr. Wolf. “So basically, Yale’s making more money now from HHS than from the students’ tuitions. Yale got has gotten $9 billion from HHS since 1998 — and 1.7 billion since COVID began. And they just, in 2022, got $607 million from HHS and only $475 million from tuition. So you do the math! They need HHS more than they need their students.”

Yale also got another $3.4 million for student emergency care funding during COVID. That is — masking, distancing, vaccinations, and so on. “There’s a dead link when you try to find out what exactly HHS is paying for with student emergency treatment during COVID.”

“So, they’re trafficking!” argued Dr. Wolf

“I looked at the law in Connecticut — what is this crime? Coercing or forcing someone to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do through fraud, intimidation, or force — that is the crime of human trafficking, both in Connecticut and federally.”

The exploitation of a person for profit using physical and psychological methods of power and control” sounds accurate in this context.

Naomi continues. “So Yale is trafficking its students’ bodies for money from HHS. And Yale is committing a Class A felony — and that’s 20 years in jail and a $20,000 fine for human trafficking in Connecticut.”

Naomi has taken action and contacted attorney James Ostrowski about bringing criminal charges against Yale for human trafficking.

So, how will history reflect on Yale’s actions five or ten years from now?

Naomi believes, “They’re going to look at this like the witch trials.”

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“They're gonna look at it as a catastrophic hallucination that injured a whole generation (like Agent Orange or Vietnam) — something that will mark a generation forever.”

Naomi attests that the end result of such a hallucination is lifelong harm to young people. “The young women who will have difficulty conceiving — who will have menstrual problems for the rest of their lives. Young men who will have myocarditis for the rest of their lives or, God forbid, die of heart damage.”


It’s a horrifying thought — but thank you, Dr. Wolf, for taking it upon yourself to be a voice for the voiceless. Please watch Naomi’s impassioned speech against Yale’s vax mandate. It is one of the most moving speeches you will see all year.

And be sure to give Dr. Wolf a follow on Substack, Gettr, and Daily Clout. She has a wonderful team behind her that’s doing fantastic work.

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