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"You Can't Be Killed!" - CDC Paper Claims That These 'Vaccines' Make You Essentially Immortal

"People could come up and shoot you in the head, and you wouldn't die."

During an appearance with Stew Peters, Steve Kirsch shared how the CDC was having trouble explaining the high number of deaths from these so-called vaccines.

They did their best to "hand wave" out of this issue, basically saying, "Hey! There are a lot of deaths here, folks, but we've never had a vaccine quite like this one with an EUA that's been rolled out to so many people so quickly."

Even worse, they cited one of their laughable papers stating, in essence, that you can't die from anything if you take these vaccines.

"But what was interesting in this paper is it showed that your all-cause mortality after going after taking the vaccine goes from essentially 1.0, which is normal, to like 0.2 or 0.3. So, in other words, it drops by 70%."

Just look at these ridiculous numbers for yourself!

"In other words, you can't be killed. After you take these vaccines, you're essentially immortal! You can't die from any disease. You can't even die from accidents because all the diseases don't add up enough, you have to start going into accidents, which means essentially, people could come up and shoot you in the head, and you wouldn't die.

And of course, this is so nonsensical to anybody reading this, and this paper has the gall to cite this paper, and they don't even talk about the decrease in all-cause mortality, which everybody thinks is totally ridiculous. They just say, 'Oh, no mortality increase was noted in the VSD study.' So these people are being completely disingenuous, and all of my attempts to talk to the authors of the CDC paper on this have been rebuffed."

Any guesses why no one from the CDC wanted to talk to Steve Kirsch about this?

To see more of Steve, follow the link below to watch the entirety of this segment.

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