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Young People Dropping Dead: "We Have to Protect These Children"

An impassioned Pierre Kory delivers a critical call to action

On June 30th, Dr. Pierre Kory delivered an exceptional opening address at the COVID-19 Congress in Brazil, speaking about his journey, censorship, and the grip Pharma has on medicine.

His last two minutes were special, where he passionately reflected on the modern-day tragedy affecting young people.

"You know, I do feel bad for the world. I cannot stand hearing about all the people dying. They're dropping dead. Young people who don't wake up. Healthy, beautiful young people, their lives, they are not waking up right now. They are being found in cars, they're being found down in parking lots, especially being found down on their favorite places, which are the athletic fields all around the world. They are dying, young people are dropping dead, and they're sweeping [them under] the rug."

Understandably, Kory added that when he reads these stories in the papers, he gets infuriated. But this catastrophe affects not just young people; it affects all age groups.

"It's not just the children. They're young fathers and mothers, and all the babies being lost to this vaccine. It is one of the most horror shows of a time, and especially when you know what's going on, you have to watch this, and you're subjected to this every day — it's extremely difficult.

But we're just going to keep speaking the truth, keeping being objective and open-minded, and I think we're responsible to lead — lead in our families, lead in our communities, and we'll get through this. Just know, I'm going to keep showing up as long as I'm standing."

I agree with Dr. Kory. We will through this, and the truth will eventually get out one way or another. The main variable to be concerned about is the size of the body count.

If you want to watch the entirety of Dr. Kory's address, click or tap the link below. He's an amazing human being, and I think it is well worth your time.

Pierre Kory Delivers an Extraordinary Opening Address to the World COVID-19 Congress [VIDEO]

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