De-Spike Naturally: An Oncologist’s Guide to Recovery

“The more shots you took, the more damage your immune system had.” Here’s what you can do about it, per Dr. William Makis.

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In the aftermath of COVID and the subsequent injections, the question everyone is asking is, “How do I get this stuff out of my body?” The good news is that there is hope for the vaccine-injured and concerned — and it doesn’t cost you a penny. In fact, it will save you money.’

The solution – a 72-hour fast. While intermittent fasting, or time-related feeding, has several health benefits, oncologist Dr. William Makis attests the healing process really ramps up after the 48-hour mark.

“I do believe that almost everybody can detox from this stuff [COVID shots],” said Dr. Makis in a recent interview. “It’s not a hopeless situation,” he stressed. “Once this stuff has been circulating in your body for a while, it can do a lot of damage.” Dr. Makis added that because of spike protein shedding and “God knows what they’re spraying in the skies,” unvaccinated people can also benefit. “So the key is, again, to jump on it. The earlier, the better.”

What are the benefits of a 72-hour fast?

The key benefit is the activation of an evolutionary process called autophagy, “which is truly astonishing,” said Dr. Paul Marik in a separate interview.

“What the body does is when it detects foreign protein, misfolded protein, dysfunctional protein — it destroys it because it figures out, this is not good, I want to get rid of it,” explained Dr. Marik. Autophagy does the same thing with spike proteins. It’s like the garbage collection system of the cell.”

Process of Autophagy. Image: verywellhealth.com

“It’s an ingenious system,” Dr. Marik praised. “So, it’s how the cell deals with these toxic proteins … What we really want to do is embrace the ability of the host to heal itself.

“Autophagy is the body recognizing that you’re in a kind of a famine state, and the body basically tries to give you every advantage possible [to hunt or find food],” added Dr. Makis.

Thus, a significant benefit of autophagy is the body’s ability to break down and eliminate its own damaged cells. For those vaccinated, it targets cells affected by or exhibiting the spike protein. Concurrently, the body releases stem cells to mend regions that require healing. This process also targets and removes compromised immune cells.

Dr. Makis explained, based on Australian data, “The more shots you took, the more damage your immune system had.”

“And so, this detox with the fasting — it actually reboots the immune system. It kills off these nonfunctional immune cells, T cells, and it actually stimulates the production of new immune cells.”

A 72-hour fast is “something that anyone can do.”

Dr. Makis emphasized that three-day fasts are accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, or health, although he advised caution and supervision for those with diabetes or other serious health conditions.

After writing this article on three-day fasts as a treatment for vaccine injuries, Dr. Makis decided to try it out himself.

This was his experience:

• As a coffee drinker, Dr. Makis experienced headaches, which he attributed to coffee withdrawal.

Dr. Makis lost weight after the three-day period. “I lost about seven to eight pounds and felt fantastic.”

• Dr. Makis also experienced greater mental clarity, especially after the 48-hour mark. He says this is because, after approximately 48 hours, fasting promotes the production of neurochemicals that enhance neuron growth or repair, leading to clearer thinking.

Doing one three-day fast is “not a cure.”

Dr. Makis mentioned, “You may have to do it several times and then add additional things to it.” Dr. Henry Ealy, a naturopathic doctor and one of the world’s leading experts on fasting, has recommended that vaccine-injured individuals do one 72-hour fast per month, preferably Friday to Sunday for those who hold a Monday-through-Friday job.

After practicing a three-day fast once a month for four or five months, Dr. Ealy has observed that this is the point when individuals make a significant recovery. Visit Dr. Ealy’s website for more information on fasting.

Fasting is not the only effective regimen for post-vaccine syndromes.

Dr. Makis highlighted Dr. McCullough’s spike protein detoxification protocol, the first to be published in a US medical journal.

Dr. McCullough’s detox protocol:

• Nattokinase: 2000 fibrin units (100 milligrams) orally twice a day without food. Breaks down the spike protein.

• Bromelain: 500 milligrams orally once a day without food. Also breaks down the spike protein.

• Curcumin: 500 milligrams orally twice a day (nano, liposomal, or with piperine additive suggested). Blocks the spike protein and prevents it from doing further damage.

Dr. McCullough recommends taking this treatment triad for at least three months for anyone suffering from or worried about post-COVID or post-vaccine syndromes.

Nattokinase, bromelain, and curcumin are available over the counter at just about any health food store or pharmacy. But for best-in-class nattokinase, Dr. McCullough recommends Spike Support Formula, which also contains dandelion root, selenium, and a host of other promising ingredients that can help protect you and your family from the prolonged effects of spike proteins.

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