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#I'mSorry: A Vaccinated Apology to the Unvaccinated

"It takes a big man to say, 'I screwed up' ... I'm sorry I didn't listen to you sooner."

Get a tissue ready. A Canadian TikToker by the name of @NotEatinCrickets recently made waves with a viral video where he issued an apology to the unvaccinated. He trusted the government and took the jab himself, but after witnessing the events of The Freedom Convoy, he started to dig deeper and have a change of heart. So he made this video. As someone who’s the lone unjabbed member of my side of the family, I am sincerely grateful for such a gesture.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I think it’s high time — we really need to start to come together on this. When this all started, and the vaccine started rolling out, I wasn’t paying attention — I wasn’t listening. I soaked in whatever the government was telling me. And you know what? It really took The Freedom Convoy to open my eyes a little bit to see what was going on. Seeing them trucks out in Coutts and tractors blowing through the barricades and seeing hundreds of people lined up the highways supporting the convoy. It was really touching. And that’s when I really started to dig deeper and open my eyes.”

“It sometimes takes a big man to say, ‘I screwed up, and I’m sorry.’ Well, from a vaccinated to the unvaccinated, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you sooner. I’m sorry I let the government get the best of me and think that they had our best interests at heart. I want to encourage other people who are vaccinated to do the same thing.

You might not see it because it doesn’t affect you, or it doesn’t concern you, but people have lost their jobs. They’ve lost family and friends. They couldn’t visit their sick parents in the hospital. They couldn’t be at funerals and weddings. Some of their friends might have said, ‘You know what? You’re not vaccinated. You’re not my friend anymore.’ And we really need to come back together as a people have start to work together on this.

So, for me, as a vaccinated person, to all the unvaxed. I’m going to start to train and say, ‘I’m sorry. I f*cked up!’ And thank you — thank you for what you’re doing. God bless.”

Moved by his apology, TikTok user @UniqueGreenLady, who had rough times with her family and friends, issued a sincere thank you to @NotEatinCrickets.

“I would just like to say thank you, sir, for your apology. Through all of this bullsh*t with COVID, I’ve lost friends of over a decade. My family has chosen to stop speaking to me. My mother couldn’t be present for the birth of my daughter. And for someone who doesn’t get apologies very often, this means a lot. And I probably won’t hear an apology from the people — who I frankly — I think owe me one. So, thank you. Thank you very much!”


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