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Jimmy Dore Takes the Gloves off for Bill Gates: "He's a Nerd ... and a Megalomaniac!"

“He’s not a doctor; he’s not a virologist. He’s not even a college graduate.”

Originally Published on DailyClout

The world’s richest college dropout and Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has a peculiar record of making lucrative investments. The timing of these moves is repeatedly so impeccable that people often ask, “How did he know?”

For example, Bill Gates invested in BIOMILQ in 2020, a startup aimed at producing human breast milk in a lab. Coincidentally, milk production issues are a side effect of C19 inoculation — and a baby formula shortage has also plagued America.

In 2021, Bill Gates became the largest farmland owner in America. Now, we’re in the midst of skyrocketing food prices and food shortage concerns.

And what may be most notable is Bill Gates’ $55 million investment in BioNTech in 2019 — before just about anyone knew a thing about mRNA technology or COVID-19. That turned out to be a substantial payout, as that $55 million grew tenfold to over $550 million in just two years.

And he secured the bulk of that profit, offloading 86% of his shares held in the most profitable quarter (Q3 2021).

After making hundreds of millions from mRNA technology, Bill Gates is now trashing the C19 jabs, advocating for an inhaled solution instead — which makes one ask, “Are you invested in that?”

So, investment after investment, Bill Gates is making BIG money while Americans and the world are going through adversity. Is he the Nostradamus of our time? Perhaps the luckiest man ever? Or is there something else going on with his impeccable timing?

Jimmy Dore certainly has a viewpoint on the matter.

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t hold a very positive opinion of Bill Gates. We caution that a bit of name-calling is about to ensue.

Jimmy Dore is an American comedian, political commentator, and progressive talk show host known for his humorous and outspoken criticism of political and media establishments. He was also one of the first political figures to switch his tune on the COVID-19 narrative — after personally getting injured by the mRNA shots.

“I was watching The Hill,” stated Jimmy, “that billionaire-funded news show, and now everybody on that show – it used to be just Kim Iverson – but now everybody figured out that it’s a scam, that this vaccine was never a vaccine — and it’s a money machine. And they’re starting to follow the money because Bill Gates invested $55 million into BioNTech in 2019. I wonder how he knew that would be a good time?” asked Jimmy Dore as he scratched his chin.

“So he invested $55 million, and then it turned into $550 million. He cashes out a bunch of that stock. And now he’s – what is the term? He’s sh*tting on the vaccine in public because he’s got a new product he wants to sell that I’m sure he’s invested in,” asserted Jimmy. “He’s talking about something that you can inhale that would block a virus.”

Jimmy then asks, “Why are we constantly getting these new medical therapies told to us by a college dropout? He’s not a doctor; he’s not a virologist. He’s not even a college graduate.”

Joe Rogan echoed a similar sentiment in February 2022, essentially stating, “Why are we taking public health advice from a guy who looks like sh*t?”

Jimmy continues, “You know what he [Bill Gates] is? He’s a megalomaniac billionaire!” he exclaimed. “And how do you become a billionaire? By helping people,” the comedian sarcastically answered. “Oh, no. That’s wrong. You get there by crushing people!”

“And that’s who he is,” attested Jimmy. “Because he wears glasses and a crewneck sweater, everybody thinks he’s a good person, just like everybody thinks Rachel Maddow is not lying to them because she’s gay. No! He’s a nerd, and he’s also a thug and a megalomaniac! That guy is a gangster. Just like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell are gangsters — that guy is a gangster.”



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